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now you even got it black on white

the Raid is on it’s way. Only if the Bundesverfassungericht stops this deledefs, things can have a positve turn.
My last message about Investors now is all too true. You may make contracts with german governement, but don’t count
that they will stick to it. If it fits them, they may try to seize it from you.

Howerver even in the darkest hours of younger german history, there are politicians and not just thieves. Thos who have named it as it is, defrauding, and
which have say no. There ain’t much of them, but maybe one day in the future they will be the majority.

It will not be the Germany we know. It will be different, but surely better (well it hardly can get get much worse, but maybe they take from the former
DDR regime and maybe they will name thos who will try to leave this rat hole as “refuggees of the “republic”. Well I really don’t know if
one can translate “Republikflüchtige” that way.

I once liked the EUR, the rules were clear and it seemed the EUR could get more stable as any fiat-money before. But it’s was just “wishful-thinking”. Fiat money can
never have value nor ever will persist. It will always be an instrument to oppression it will alway be a symbol of arbitraryness of politcians. Our deep distrust for “too” much state just gets’ s fuelled over and over again. The worst countries currently are the EU, and the US, China, Japan. So there’s not much goodness left. And ones knows from history how that things turned out in the end. They
always end in some war and misery (if you are lucky you may survive).