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Here we go again

well the new year has started as now ever other year since the establishment of the central banks. Anyway some really have gained much in the past 100 years, especially states mostly. At least temporarily. Now the Swiss national bank has decided not to fight against a more expensive Franc.

Anyway it has cost quite a few banks and “dealers” so much money that they had to close down their business. In this case I’m not sorry for them, they have believed the central banks and that’s t fault by any means. I myself have lost quite some money while buying puts. That’s kind of “fighting” the central banks. Up till today I’v lost is. But I do not believe in the goodness of central banks.

They are the masters of distortion, hindering price finding which gives an idea about “reality” and they are the drivers in stocks. Without the money printing of the central banks, we wouldn’t have record highs in stocks. And we surely we would not have record lows on interest of states. States like Italy just have to pay a bit over 2% or so annually .

The action of the SNB was IMHO a emergency break. I calculated and AFAIKT it has cost the SNB roughly around 75 billions to let the limit go. If they were-  careful merchants they would have to deduct the losses. I’m sure they will be a bit slow with it.

Anyway if you trust central banks you trust defrauders. That’s a simple fact. So we’ll see if that was the new beginning of the end of the believe in the almighty central banks. I bet most will still rely on them, you can be sure among them are the deledefs of the world.

New attacks on the markets

Oh, yes they are so endless stupid that it hurts anyone else. The politicians (sorry deledefs) have initiated the whole crisis stuff. Never were able
to get along with their stolen money (read taxes) and never enough credit for whomever they deem worthwhile.

And now they did it again. No thinking just like animals in panic. One direction. We must have our daily/hourly/minutely/secondly credit. And everything who is not willing to give it to us, we’ll feel our power.

Now the newest attacks on the markets. US Ratings should not hold any longer for Europeans. Agreed this rating agents have done wrong, but they are among those having
made the point that the debts of some EU-countries are “bad”. We know our deledefs see it differently and have taken all EC citizens as hostage. The name is safety chute or whatever, but
mean working against the market because markets to fail. Yes markets do wrong sometimes and after recognizing this they correct that. But it is not allowed to
swing into the direction “less” credit” , this is a no-go zone for any deledef. And so they fight the markets wherever they can, in the end they will fail

It’s just the question whom they will take with them. And here no-one living e.g here in Germany will be spared. Those handling responsible will pay the bill. And deledefs will be the thieves,defrauders, bandits and even murderers.

I have written before what one should do. And I’ve acted accordingly. Money was taken out of the EU dictatorship and put elsewhere. A contract about a lend farm includes the option to get paid in food. And if the money
will be gone some gold was “bought”. The option leaving this country was chosen by me, but not beard by anyone else in the family and so we are stuck with the rat packs name politicians here in EC land….

Again a Failout Plan

Well they name it euphemistic “safety chute” and they simple ignore laws they themselves have decided.
Last year it was Greece, this year it’s going to be Ireland. Well the Irish have lived beyond any means and have obviously had a way too high
“growth” rate in the paste. However the most depressign figure is that that have new debts of nearly one third of their complete balance.

Now Europe will again throw out money, we do not have for problems based on too easy money. An examplary Ponzi Scheme this time the defrauders control themselves and will held every single European citizen as hostage.

I guess you can imagine how angry I am..


What I wish Obama and his Gang

especially Bernanke and not to forgot Geithner and last but not least expert Krugman. That they have to suffer under their own decisions. Guess Obama on Medicare or the like. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Well that will not happen. If the retire they will with something above 10000-20000 Dollar each month. And if Obama follows the “presidential” path, he well charge you without beeing ashamed a bit 50000 US-Dollar for each speack. Where he will “describe” the world, and enough big money holders will be stupid enough to hire them. Another interesting finding would be to find the children of them in the public schools. Have you ever dared to ask where the childrens of this “highly respected” persons are going? Or can you imagine an president waiting a few hours till a doctor comes looking after them? Or even simpler, can you imagine anyone from the family having to shop themselves? I bet if the Obamos go shopping the whole warehouse is closed down, a few dozen bodyguards and policemen will stand in the front of that house and “inspect” everyone entering that warehouse. One even can imageine a descreet question to the secret services about the sales-persons. This is really “comfortable”, they live in a shell. Which has not much to do with reality of anyone else. Then one surely can talk about great visions and even better so because you know whom to give the invoice. Yes, we need of course this and that and because of “whatever” we have to higher this tax so much, have an extra fee for that.

Indeed you are really stupid to be a criminal better you be a politician. It will be more profitable and you get admiration and bootlickers and if you live out your sexual desires you just have to look like a sausage dog and tell how terrible sorry you are and the people are goony enough to say. Oh this poor little president, let’s vote for him again.

Do you feel I’m mad about our Deledefs?

now you even got it black on white

the Raid is on it’s way. Only if the Bundesverfassungericht stops this deledefs, things can have a positve turn.
My last message about Investors now is all too true. You may make contracts with german governement, but don’t count
that they will stick to it. If it fits them, they may try to seize it from you.

Howerver even in the darkest hours of younger german history, there are politicians and not just thieves. Thos who have named it as it is, defrauding, and
which have say no. There ain’t much of them, but maybe one day in the future they will be the majority.

It will not be the Germany we know. It will be different, but surely better (well it hardly can get get much worse, but maybe they take from the former
DDR regime and maybe they will name thos who will try to leave this rat hole as “refuggees of the “republic”. Well I really don’t know if
one can translate “Republikflüchtige” that way.

I once liked the EUR, the rules were clear and it seemed the EUR could get more stable as any fiat-money before. But it’s was just “wishful-thinking”. Fiat money can
never have value nor ever will persist. It will always be an instrument to oppression it will alway be a symbol of arbitraryness of politcians. Our deep distrust for “too” much state just gets’ s fuelled over and over again. The worst countries currently are the EU, and the US, China, Japan. So there’s not much goodness left. And ones knows from history how that things turned out in the end. They
always end in some war and misery (if you are lucky you may survive).

Investors be aware

If you invest in the EU or Euro zone be prepard to not just econimic hindrance, expect
the worst from politicians. Think of taxes on investments and the like and you may not be suprised.
If you feel contract have to be obeyed, then forget this as soon as you make contracts with governement
agencies. Be prepared for confiscations also. We did it in Germany in 2009, we socialiczed the HRE.
If you think we’re talking about Peanuts, well we are currently at around 100 000 000 000 Peanuts and counting, according to a few numbers it seems
another 15 000 000 000 are due for the “quality papers” of the Greek governement.

Rumours were coming up talking about another 280 000 000 000 help for the “spanish” governement.
Which have probably driven down the DAX yesterday at around 2%. If you think deledes have learnef from the Failout Plans, well think again.

There is not border in sight which may hold back the politicians to drive Europe down into misery. So are you prepared to loose your money or see it getting burned?

If yes, invest in Euro land if not, well take your money and run. You will not find a lot of alternatives,but a few may be there. Have a look at Switzerland, Australie, New Zealand, maybe Canada. I’d avoid the following countries like the plague. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Austria and nearly every country related to good ole Europe but also avoid the US. Those mostly have been burried. Do you want your grave there too?

They are a little bit further on their way, the fed takes all the papers issued by the governement and filed it under “asset” and because of this assets they can print money, and more money and more. Money needs trust or value, our current currencies mostly havn’t anything of it at all. Trust? Well how can you trust someone who just has collected debts the last 50 years? What value has paper? How difficult could it be to print 1 000 000 000 000 bills? Imagine some german experiences.

I just pick up the “most impressive” number.,00

that was the price for one US-Dollar in 1923. The largest bank not has been 100 000 000 000 000. It was printed on a sheet of paper, that’ all and that’s all there is to probably every currency currently. As I asked. What should prevent the next Hperinflation? Our politician aka deledes?

How long will the EUR persist

Even frauds, are not a reason to throw out the defrauders. So the questions about help for those breaking all rules, are answered.

The politicians do not care a bit. If they steal, they name it taxes, if the do black-mailing it’s helping EU partners. If it’s burning money, then they all  are there
every counter but one has debts over debts and nothing more. And then they’ll go for another round of “stealing”. 


You don’t believe me? well check:

Artikel 125, Artikel 126 AEUV and you’ll see what they are doing.

I was once proud of  a few things in Germany, now I’m loosing the laste respect for anything….

Making it into the headlines

Well two things. I wrote abotu it in my other blog but Mises hast taken it also:

This is about homeschooling and the impossibility to do it in Germany. Shame on us.

Here’s another story: The governement was offered a CD or DVD with data from supposed to be

delinquent taypayers, you can even name it more sharply suppsed to be defrauders.

I guess not much here know that we had a scandal here 15 or so years ago about illegal donations, accepte by our

chancellor Kohl itself.


Now guess what the governement is going to do with the CD and the “chancellor”

you are allowed to make one guess ;-(