good-doers revealed

Now this was not unique but at least a nice statement of good-doers.
In Germany there are quite a few limits on gambling. In fact there is a kind of monopoly on it for the governement. Now the EU has judged, that this does not
conform to EU law. First statment of the leader of the opposition:
“We need and will defend this monopoly”

Of course it’s just to save us from getting addicted to gambling…. Of course and the money gained from it surely is spend only and exclusively on helping the “poor adictives”
Well I leave this further uncommented.

Today in the BNN (one might thing of an independent press). Well the same, stated with a few other words but the essence is “Monopolys controlled by governement are good, addictives under “governement control” are good..” Bad is an monopoly not controlled by bueraucrats and sure all the addictives running around not under bureaucrats control are very very very bad.

What the h…. driving this people? Don’t they realize that they are thought-police? What’s are the famous lines from Pink Floyds, The brick in the Wall?
We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
More lyrics:

Well our whole system of education is just to make us all:
“another brick in the wall”

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