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You know the difference

Today a half philosophical discussion. I just want to lead you into two different situations.

a) visiting a market

b) visiting a public authority

Just one first question. Which one do you prefer to visit?

Second question do you have an idea why?

Well for me it’s a difference like night and day. I’m sitting e.g in the evening and enjoying my dinner. And I eat e.g one wonderful fresh bread and I see that I need to fetch some new bread. Next morning I visit a bakery and what will happen? Well at first there will be some seller on the other side. She/he will kindly say. Good morning, what can I for you or the like. I tell him/her, I’d like to get my “bread”. If I’m a regular visitor I surely will be asked before. “You usual bread” or the like. They know me and they appreciate if I’m coming back. That’s voluntary exchange.

Now imagine the same for a public authority. Do you go there voluntarily? Well I for my part can not imagine one day when I WANTED to go there. I MUST. And how am I treated there? Just imagine a question about your taxes. How does that work? Well at first you won’t be alone and you even may have to take some dating ticket. And you have no idea how long it will take. You will sit down. Now think about the room where you may sit. Will it be a friendly place? Well AFAIKT the answer is no. I guess anyone know the endless corridors of such “establishments”… And there’s another difference you are irritated. You do not want to be there, you want to be somewhere else. And then the next thing which will get on you nerves. You will be treated as some nuisance. It’s not two men on the same height it’s the authorities and you. In the end it’s involuntarily exchange.

Well I know what I prefer and I guess you know it too. We are “forced” to go to the authorities for so much. In Germany we have to go to the registration office within some 3 day or so after the birth of a child. Yes it must all be kept on record. I guess they are afraid to miss some tax casualty. I don’t know how you’d feel I know how it got on my nerves to go there. Other things that one must “go” to fetch ones passport. Why? It just indicates that you are owned by some “government” and you can not get anywhere into another country without such thing. It’s like a owners dog tag. It states you are “owned” by the government.

Just think about it. When was the last time you visit a public authority voluntarily?

Do you like Thriller?

With an open end? Or are a fan of horror movies? Now I’ve found something for you:

Do you feel the cold of death? Or do you fell hells heat? Well whatever it is pray that this chart changes soon.

Or if you are against government as I am pray that the State goes bankrupt. It will be on of the ugliest things you ever will imagine, But then “markt” will be the only
thing left to survive. I just can tell you see the problems we Germans had. And we got a really good revival. But now we are following the US to our own bankrupt.

Yes savings are now starting and yes that is good, but still there is too much debt in the developed countries. What will happen if the money will be used for buying things?
You can see the assets are rising but are they raising because of good business? That’s the question.

I found two very different videos on youtube about it:


We must also keep in mind the Fed has pumped literally tons of money into the economy. They name it the quantitative easing. But the Fed has accepted securirties which do not deserve that name.
And the banks surely have not lend overly much of the money but the bought bonds and I bet assets. So a question not answered to met yet is. How much of the raising stock prices is due to money looking for profitable investment and how much is really driven by more profits from the corporations. AFAIKT is the unemployment rate still raising.

A profitable recovery looks a bit different to me.

So I’m afraid the recovery still seems to be debt driven and not profit driven. So in my judgment peter Schiffer may lie but there still is no recovery but the money is driving up all the prices. So the higher stock markets are currently bubbled and not sustainable. I don’t know if this will change the next months. But because of all the hampering of free markets I’m not very optimistic. And I just can see the signs that inflation is a problem and this of course is due to the insane printing of money. But the FED never ever will admit that. It’s everything else but the loose money policy of the FED. It’s the greedy bankers, the speculators and everything else. And even if it’s worse now it would be even more worse without all the “actions” That’s the fed way and you can not reject it. The unemployment may be even higher without all the interventions and so they are “good”. But is that really true?

I’m afraid it will get worse and worse, there comes the day the bonds will mature and then? There will come the day where the asset bubbles will bust…. I just can repeat myself, don’t trust government. If you do you’ll be among the first losers… Do not buy anything but values yet. Do not buy any bond of the US or you’ll be sorry. That’s my opinion, feel free to decide differently.

good-doers revealed

Now this was not unique but at least a nice statement of good-doers.
In Germany there are quite a few limits on gambling. In fact there is a kind of monopoly on it for the governement. Now the EU has judged, that this does not
conform to EU law. First statment of the leader of the opposition:
“We need and will defend this monopoly”

Of course it’s just to save us from getting addicted to gambling…. Of course and the money gained from it surely is spend only and exclusively on helping the “poor adictives”
Well I leave this further uncommented.

Today in the BNN (one might thing of an independent press). Well the same, stated with a few other words but the essence is “Monopolys controlled by governement are good, addictives under “governement control” are good..” Bad is an monopoly not controlled by bueraucrats and sure all the addictives running around not under bureaucrats control are very very very bad.

What the h…. driving this people? Don’t they realize that they are thought-police? What’s are the famous lines from Pink Floyds, The brick in the Wall?
We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
More lyrics:

Well our whole system of education is just to make us all:
“another brick in the wall”