Reading suggestion II

Do yourself a favor and run to the next library and buy or borrow. “The case for Gold”. You can see how nice big government and big money play together to harm
everyone else. You can see the history of the Greenback is a history of fraude, lies, broken promises. There was but one time where the “right” thing was done.

You ask what the “right” thing is? Well I guess then you don’t have read anything every written here 😉 The right thing it abolishing the central banks and fiat-money. Nothing will
be a better base for a sustainable way of living. Every other approach is deemed to fall, because as Heinlein has pointes it out in “the moon is a harsh mistress” Tanstaafl”.

You can see the failure in nearly every law. Politicians decide without any consideration of the associated costs. Oh indeed they always argue that it will get cheaper. But as sure as hell does not freeze over, if government intevenes it’s getting much more expensive. I suggest you just check how much money is spend in and on government activities. You can check nearly every country (all but those which have nearly gone broke) and you see the vermins are everywhere. You think you will win that race? Forget it, you will get deluded.

Just see what happens to production. Production is reglemented. Masses of bureaucrats decide what one is allowed to produce. You see the way is alway to some monopolies of the states. The biggest monopoly (with the highest harm factor) if of course the debt system (one can not talk any longer of the monetary system) . The system is the debt producing machine, and it issues money in ever increasing quantities. But again there will be pay days. And the more debt there will be the harder the impact will get. There is no way that this system can survive. It’s from ground up unsustainable. So if the foundation is wrong, everything else will crumble. The only “solution” is to prepare a well foundation. Then you can build skyscrapers and they still will “persist”.

So end the central banks and the worthless paper debt system. In this there is but no choice. Wealth never can come from debt, even if you see a ranking of billionaires, you always have to bear in mind. It’s not the have this wealth in greenbacks. They always have something of value….

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