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well yes there are no good news. There are currently just bad and worse news.

Now it’s the spanish banks, another 100 billion. I wonder from where that money comes. And you know the answer. It comes from new debts and this debts
have to be beard by the tax payers. Oh yes they won’t honestly higher the tax immediately, but the invoice will come. And it’s always those who have and live within
their financial limits, which have to pay. I guess it will be as usually. The inflation will be driven up, the tax is driven up and those not paying taxes will not even recognize, that’s somebody get’s robbed.

The different loosers in the different countries are cheering another looser. Really they tell, what a good thing that Spain takes the EFSF money. Well you can see it’s not the idea of market which prevails. It’s from a to z socialism pure. And every socialist country get bankrupt within around a live span of a man.

And again the best safety net for the savers would have been sound money, and there you have it. The last we get is sound money. We’ll see more money printing, more card houses of debts. I know it’s stupid, people with at least a slight idea on economic thinking know it’s stupid and yet those who know will get overturned by the majority. And as we can see e.g in France the majority just is stupid as wood. I really wonder how the French think Hollande will pay for all “his” promises. They really must think the state is a money spender. And they simply do not get it that it’s robbery which keeps the states afloat. One should not wish bad for others, but I feel it is needed that they suffer under exact the conditions they seem to prefer.

And it’s now starting to get really worse. The banks are bankrupt and the states a bankrupt, and the stupid people still believe the state can steer anything. They are steered and it will show, and the more they deny the facts (money has to be earned) the more devastating the outcome.

The “joy” of parties

Dear Readers I like to tell you a story about FUD.

As you could read in my last entry. Greece is still finished but the deledefs do not admit that. That are not real news. But now it’s get interesting. According to
some blogs in Germany 40 members were excluded from the left party and the right party because they did not agree to the “saving” plan.

There are somewhat below 300 member in it. So just imagine well beyond 10 % were excluded because they did not accept a stupid and guaranteed to fail plan.
Now aren’t party great?

In fact they suck to badly that one just can day fubar. Parties are the most repressive system one can encounter and having such prominent roles as they have is
again fubar. So we are ruled by a fubar system, with fubar money. That’s a few too many things one can not even dream of to repair. In the end the end is clear.
The “systems” will break down. That means violence and yes most of the time war.

Another small look back

Has anything changed or was I right on the point? In fact the debt have risen more then 6 trillions. In just 3 years.

And still the same bandits are riding and driving more and more into poverty. Is that what you US-citizens really want?

Why one would trust anyone of the candidates which have proven to keep this system running is beyond my understanding. The states is the problem and the disease, you must
get cutting it out.

I guess I found it

The national anthem of all deledefs.

Go here and here:

The “King” of Pop for the Kings of debt, defraud deception.

It fits and I think it should be made obligatory to be sung before any new meeting to save the

  1. world (because of the climate
  2. the euro
  3. the fiat-money systems
  4. the banks and central banks

Every time we should be “saved” for whome or whatver than the should sing this song.

And before they sit down do do anything. The people must have the chance to see:
Big Brother

Alternatively Animal Farm

That would be just fair game…

Extension to

my blog entry a few days ago, about the sustainability of the ESFS.

  • Fact 1) the “auctions” were bad. And the ESFS has to offer much more interest then Germany bonds alone (guess how many would “back” up this bonds)
  • Fact 2) neither the Chinese nor the Japanes, nor the Russion are willing to buy ESFS bonds
  • Fact 3) hardly and private held bank “invests” in this bonds also the only ones taking some of the bonds will probably be government controlled banks.
  • Just imagine the last auction was just over 3 billions now how will they get the leverage on 1 trillion?

    I’m not afraid but sure, that ESFS III can be judged a big failure. Well for liberals and libertarians this can’t be a suprise, but even for normal people this is good news. It means there
    is some natural limit on the manipulations of markets and this supports my other entry:

    I’m still as sure that we did not have seen the end of the interventions. The deldefs world-wide will try to find another way of prolonging their “dicatorship” and I’m sure everyone will have
    to suffer under this decisions. But in the end they will end on the dungheap of history. A new round will start but then I’m afraid again. The spongers will come back. And the honest again will suffer.
    Freedom is just a seven letter word for them, they have absolutely no bonds with it….

    A view on different taxes

    especially in regard to the situation in Greece.

    Well my opinion about taxes it that they are theft in any case, It’s not a deal you may make or may not do. You live in country X the “authorities” from country X will tax you.
    You have no choice but comply, otherwise you will be “convinced” at the point of a gun and/or face hard times in jail.

    It would be a little better if you’d have the chance at least to state for what you are willing to pay. Let’ s assume e.g the higway were build from the government. And you use them . The right thing would be to charge only those using the highways. That would be just. Anyway if you’d had at least the chance saying from my taxes x% are for the highways. (It’s just an example) this would be at least fit something a little bit like a market. But you do not even have that choice. So without doubt taxes are payments without some guranteed return. So in fact it’s theft and because it involves the “violence monoply” of the state it’s even worse

    But income taxes are less expropriating as taxes on substance and or deat taxes. If there is an even more unjust type of tax, those are the candidates. Assume e.g you earn exaclty the free income before income tax applied. You do not pay any tax than.. Now assume you earn just that much money and have a substance tax, as were introduced in Greece. Now you have to pay the tax and you get taxed before income tax can set in. Now what does that mean. You may have to ask for a credit to pay your taxes? And next year when the same holds the interestes and principals have to be paid and the taxes again?

    So in fact taxes on the substance are absolutly incompatible with property. So they are the most unjust things ever put on tax payers. And that’s the way Greece has gone. The requirements and payments get more and more injust. And still the same old gang is at the top. Now tell me something about hate….

    One of those days

    where neithe the sun warms nor the wind cools. It’s one of thos days grey-in-grey my photo cells on the roof deliver energy just enough energy for one 40 W bulb. In best times I can get over 5000 W an hour which surely is enough for all our needs. Anyway not today.

    Now how provides my energy today. In honest I’ve change some 3 or so years ago to an energy suppliert not using coal or nuclear power. Thanks to markets I had have and still have this chance. So today my energy comes as usually from water. But to a large extend this is not what the “normal” users will get. They will get their energy from coal/gas/oil/nucelar power plants. Howerver you see all the photo cells are useless today all the wind engines are “superfluoous” today so in fact two times the needs of the people are installed. One time with “renewable” energies and the other times with conventional plants. Well that means also that we have at least double the costs for a reliable energy supply. So in fact today is exactly a day where not even tons of money would help with energy production from renewable sources. Bad for all the users that they still have to pay all the prices be it from the renewable energies and “conventional” energies.

    However more interesting, there was a gold rush time for suppliers of photo cells. (maybe around 2007/2008) and this was due to what? Well just one word subsidies. I know first hand because In 2008 I bought my photo cells and for now 20 years the following price is guaranteed: 46,75 €/KWH. that’s nearly four times the price for a standard KWH. Who has to pay, well the other inhabitants of Germany not lucky enough having their own roof full of cells.

    Am I regretting this buy. Not at all, I named it to that time self-defense. And that is as I see it still. I’m not one of those paying the bills of bureaucrats and deledefs without trying to avoid them. Yes I know I harm others but this is government induced. I would not have bought the cells just for my own pleasure. They were much too expensive to really be competitive. They just get competitive through one of the greatest thefts in history. Introduced and bared from all this f….. deledefs. There is not exception to this stupidity any longer in Germany.

    However it’s getting worse. The cell producers had their height in or around 2007/2008 since then the guaranteed prices have dropped massively I think they are barley above 20 ct/KWH now.
    And now just see the stock prices for those cell producers. The dropped between 70 to over 95 % from their highest levels. So you still can see without this absolutely brain-dead subsidies they still can not produce the cells as cheap to be competitive.

    Do you think the Deledefs are mentioning that during their speeches about sustainable energies. Not a word, they just tell us that “many” working places were created for that. And that Germany is the leader in “green ” technology. Just think about it a second. The prices for the cell producers are completely under water and it’s just a question of time when the first will get bankrupt. What about the many work-places than?

    In honesty there is hardly a better example on deception one can find world-wide. The big “change” just hot words and substance. As I wrote at the beginning. “One of those days”….


    Saving the delebets way does not mean cut one’s expenses but highering ones income. Now this time it Italy.
    A higher tax for the rich, a higher tax on capital gains etc, but not mentioning cutting down the expenses FIRST.
    I guess that’s what GDP related debt mens. All you property belong to use. We just decide when and where we take it.

    Another astonishing development. Forbidding free trade, you think that some stock are to high and do start selling them, empty. It’s now forbidden in three or so countries here in EUR land. France, Italy, Spain. Remarkable? Not really that are those which most distruste. As I’ve seen yesterday even buying Puts short should be forbidden. That means you can not express your opinion that markets are too high. And that will surely help. It will make everyone feel much better. Or not?

    It fits very nicely to my predictions that the worse the state of affairs get, the more the delebets will try to “steer” control. The delebets do know they are wrong-doers but they would never admit it. So they are looking for scape-goats and there they are speculants…..

    So one can see the usual lies are not langer sufficient, now they introduce some newer ones. BPOHs

    Without doubt

    A lot of money vanished yesterday. I guess we’re talking about values at or around 2-10 trillions. How will that be changed if the EZB has bought bonds from Italy and Spain at or around 5-6 billion?

    Without doubt, we can say also. Nothing has changed really maybe just the majority starts “understanding” what the central banks and states have done to our money.

    I guess they start seeing that fighting problems caused by too much cheap money can not be solved with some tons of other cheap money. And to my pleasure it now hits a few nerves with central bankers, delebets and bureaucrats. I expected such kind of action some 3 years ago. But they were able to keep the impression of solidity and controllability. Everyone just knowing a bit about Austrian economics could not be surprised. I invite you to just browse through the mises blog and their associated blogs like this one. (Yes I’m not very decent) But I have written against this kind of madness right from the start of this blog and my other blot at

    I did not even know about the austrian school of economics as I started writing my outside Mises blog. I just keep deer what my grand-parents and parents have told me and lived. The all lived within their bounds. All other things follow from it. We are a family of savers. Nobody knows when one will need some money. And so we saved and invested “cautiously”. Along 3 years ago as they started those “failout” programs. I started to invest in gold. I opened accounts in NZ an Switzerland just go get out this EU madness, however I avoided the US as the plague. With all modesty one can say, that has served me well.

    However that probably wasn’t the end. One MUST start thinking about a break-down of the western countries. I always was optimistic about out ability to learn. But the Deledefs have proven over and over again. “They simply do not get it”. That makes them extremely dangerous because they try to regain “control”. I’m not sure if that really is possible currently, but as long as they do not start acting responsible I can not see how things could turn to the better. So I expect new laws, new taxes more limits to freedom In fact I expect stupidities as laid out in “Atlas shrugged”. I wished I found the John Galt valley….

    Reading suggestion II

    Do yourself a favor and run to the next library and buy or borrow. “The case for Gold”. You can see how nice big government and big money play together to harm
    everyone else. You can see the history of the Greenback is a history of fraude, lies, broken promises. There was but one time where the “right” thing was done.

    You ask what the “right” thing is? Well I guess then you don’t have read anything every written here 😉 The right thing it abolishing the central banks and fiat-money. Nothing will
    be a better base for a sustainable way of living. Every other approach is deemed to fall, because as Heinlein has pointes it out in “the moon is a harsh mistress” Tanstaafl”.

    You can see the failure in nearly every law. Politicians decide without any consideration of the associated costs. Oh indeed they always argue that it will get cheaper. But as sure as hell does not freeze over, if government intevenes it’s getting much more expensive. I suggest you just check how much money is spend in and on government activities. You can check nearly every country (all but those which have nearly gone broke) and you see the vermins are everywhere. You think you will win that race? Forget it, you will get deluded.

    Just see what happens to production. Production is reglemented. Masses of bureaucrats decide what one is allowed to produce. You see the way is alway to some monopolies of the states. The biggest monopoly (with the highest harm factor) if of course the debt system (one can not talk any longer of the monetary system) . The system is the debt producing machine, and it issues money in ever increasing quantities. But again there will be pay days. And the more debt there will be the harder the impact will get. There is no way that this system can survive. It’s from ground up unsustainable. So if the foundation is wrong, everything else will crumble. The only “solution” is to prepare a well foundation. Then you can build skyscrapers and they still will “persist”.

    So end the central banks and the worthless paper debt system. In this there is but no choice. Wealth never can come from debt, even if you see a ranking of billionaires, you always have to bear in mind. It’s not the have this wealth in greenbacks. They always have something of value….

    German magazines are just disappointing

    If it comes to a least three themes

    1) politicians and there wrong-doing

    2) environmental questions

    3) demanding more laws.

    There was one of the most devastating earth quakes ever in Japan, the only “intersing” theme are nuclear plants… And they start bashing on the technolgy. Nothing but this technology has
    prevented that less casualties. Just remember the big flood in 2004 more than 200 000 dead. The Japanse may get away with below 50 000 dead. That in such an crowded environment

    Now the magazines declare the end of the nuclear power plants. This is “so ridicolous”. Germans are very “selective” about this, and the news magazines do everything they can to raise their fears as
    much as they could.

    One of the biggest frauds has taken place last weekend, the “wrong-doing” of bailing-outs should be “fixed”. Do you think anyone mentions it (in the “larger press), no just a few blogs mention it….

    The french president has found another guilty groups the “speculants”. Ah yes how original and how “untrue”. But hey you know the Ps are right the citizens wrong. That’s a fact and the news magazines honor this “fact”.

    It not just the magazines but also the government “wanted” television. The themes are as if they have a deal. We do everything to keep the citizens within the current political direction. With special
    support for “environmental” question and of course bashing capitalists. Do you think there is pointing out where the deledefs all do wrong? Ha, think again….