Mission impossible

The US has entered a way which can not work.

It’s not the deficit it’s the spending stupid. 60 years of overspending and undersaving, show clearly in every corner of any legistlation,.

The money never is enough because the needs of men are in principle without bounds. One of the worst examples on stuff which makes thinks expensive is the Obamacare.
There is no incentive to avoid doctors if all the things get paid. It’s the same in Germany, the prices for health are sky rocketing. And it’s getting worse by evey law which “regulates” health care costs.
Doctors can not charge what they want or possibly can, no every action is categorized and has a fix price. You speak to your doctor 21.34 €. He takes your hand 10€ etc. You can not just get along as doctor and offer you services wherever you want. No this is “decided” by bureacrats. Kind of one doctor / 1000 patients.

Another price driving thing is that prices can be set by the supplier, and the diverse things are “protected” by patents. That means you invent something which is a block buster, you can earn literalyl Billions of it, an that for a few millions of research. The prices for the stuff are fixed, They do not go up or down. It’s the same as a license to prin money, and we know all that way waits hell…

The US founders were very sceptical about government and big business, but Obama has cultivated the growing of government and big business (in form from banks) That’s surely is against the constitution, but he does not care. He wants the power for him and his buddies and so he “attacks” the Parliament . That way lies Facism, and too many of the US citizens have paid with their lives for fighting it now they just will get in in the US? What good can that possibly be?

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