Now what’s up Fed?

Isn’t it time for QE IV? You still think you can print yourself out of the misery with even more worthless paper don’t you?

Just one question. Why hasn’t it worked in the past? What’s can be the problem? Are the printing presses to slow?

Well I bet the are not and adding a 0 here or there (what’s that among friends eh), could make us all trillionaires. But still there’s nothing more produced with
any printed cent. Production needs time, (saved money) and effort to get somewhere. A 100 Dollar bill printed today, just costs a few cents but “claims” to be
a value. How funny is that. I’m printing something on a sheet of paper, use my force monopoly and tell every one that is you value. That’s kind of absurd isn’t it.

Well the whole Fiat-money system is a sham. It’s the modern means of slavery. States demands your work and your income to keep itself going. And what’s the
aim of a state? They tell it’s about safety, security and last but no least justice. Bu in the end it’s a system of exploitation. The productive ones have to work and get hindered every
centimeter on their way. You want to open a business? Go to buraucrats? Maybe there’s even the obligation to see a notary for whatever paper work you are supposed to do, to
offer something. But that’s not all if you start offering a thousands of other laws come into play. And after the thing was produce and sold. Now the paper work goes on. Yes you might do YOU bookkkeping
by yourself also. But you’d do it as you find it useful for you. Stop, you simply can not do that.

You have to obey another few hundreds of laws for book-keeping. And don’t you dare to be “unfair” (in the meaning of buraucrats). You’d say I’d deduct a car in the year I buyed it. No you don’t you have to obey the guiddlines of yet someone else. The governments tells you what you are allowed to do or not. After that all you get taxed. Again there is not “obvious” service in return. It’s just that they decide how much you have to pay. and don’t you think two of you are treated equal. Assume the same job, the same in come and you’ll see hardly the same taxes. One may have saved something guess what he has to pay taxes again on this savings.

So in short you are just working for a small part for yourself. The rest is just to keep the vermins going. That’s the modern way of slavery. You are not free to do as wish, you are just free to wish what you long for in the bounds of the “insights” of government. Just tell me one reason that you have to pay land taxes. It’s you land and you have to pay for it as if it’s not yours? How pleasant, you just have to earn at least so much to pay that. If you don’t your land will not stay you land. It’s robbery or even worse it’s slavery.

I just wish all the parasites that they will get what they deserve. And then they look at you and tel you this plain lie. “We are here to serve you” It’s exactly the other way round. Correct is.
“It’s so nice that YOU have to serve us” that’s what they “mean” and they are not the slightest ashamed of it.

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