Is ObamaCare against the constitution?

Well if you follow this blog you know that I’m absolutely against forced blessings from states.

It seems that it’s really against your constitution also. I’m very excitedly what your Supreme Court will decide.
I just can hope for you that they judge it as illegal.

You should IMHO start fighting for your freedom. And the only way to get there is to start limiting the power of your governments and military complex.
I hope this law suit, will give you starting point. If not, well then you know you have to act now. There will be no amiable later later…..

I repeat myself but I warned your about Obama. And everything gets even worse than expected. I suggest to end the president ship of him now.
But as it seems you still prefer another lier and another conservative which probably does not even no what freedom means.

I’m sorry but you behave at least as stupid as we Germans. Instead of freedom you choose slavery I’ve no idea why.

3 Gedanken zu „Is ObamaCare against the constitution?

  1. bonventre88

    As a physician, I am held accountable to 17,000 ICD medical codes

    Under ObamaCare – which enhances the monopolization of medicine & takes away many consumer alternatives – As a physician I will be responsible for over 142,000 ICD codes!

    The Constitutional issue as I understand it is that in effect, the Federal Government is telling the states that they must engage in commerce (god only knows where the states will get the money since they are technically all bankrupt) so that the Federal Government can then regulate them!

    Honestly – that fails the laugh test!

  2. FDominicus

    Ah yes Alexander was Great also. Ask his enemies or his soldiers which have died for him. It surely must have been fun.


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