Well the answer is:


That’s what the US and EU have on their mind to keep the Ukraine togehter and of course, the people living down there have no “rights” to decide differently.

Tell me, how comes that secession is not allowed, tell me why aren’t their two USAs? What would be the terrible problem to have SUS and NUS? Was it worth to devastate regions and murder a few hundred thousands? What’s it with this incredible cruelty of states? How comes that nothing has killed more people then states and how comes that people still want to vegetate in states. How comes that hardly anyone sees what states are. They are just constructs of violence in the end it’s just. You obey our rules or we will kill you. That’s the core of laws and what happens of you do not “follow” them.

Anyway the great news is. If you are at the top you can break any law, start new wars and you can decide to criminalize everyone. There are two of the most stupid wars ever: war against drugs and war against terrorism.

And not to forget the war against alcohol which have laid the foundation for the Mafia, well maybe it was also part of the foundation of the fascist socialists, or “just socialists” USA – who knows….

Ah well this fits so well: http://www.lewrockwell.com/2014/03/christopher-manion/the-gloves-come-off/ States the base of murderers.

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