What does disturb me most.

Well there are two things

  • Actions of governments
  • Action of central banks

Well in this case I will link to a blog in German:http://www.rottmeyer.de/von-sparweltmeistern-und-anderen-erfolgsgeschichten/

The Irish government has started to support renters. And guess what the prices of renting do not have fallen as much as the prices for houses. That just means the state subsidies do prohibit falling prices on the renting market. Or the other way round the not supported renters have to buy higher prices than they must.
Now if you are loosing your jobs, you may think about cheaper renting. But if you are not supported you loose.

And someones else has to pay the subsidies, that sucks so badly.

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  1. saadrook2

    But when men live in a levered world, with fiat currencies, these signals, particularly prices, are completely distorted.


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