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It never rains but it pours.

Well we see the catastrophes coming.

Spain, Greece, Ireland etc. have suffered (and are suffering) severly under a credit expansin. We know that this will lead to a catastrophe sooner or later.
Von Mises has told us, Hayek hase told us and many others also. Currently it looks as if the Deledefs world-wide would like to be the template for credit induced defaults.

Anywa that is not all that has hit Greece, Span or Ireland. The other big big big problem are the subsedies of the EU. This money was of course not given to the people but other governments for “developing” their countries. And so they did. New streets of highes quality, bridges etc. All a bit larger because of he “expected” growth. Anyway in a free market that never would have happened (at least not so long and that absurd) and now they are hit not only with overwhelming credit but with a infrastructure too big (but anyway one has to support it or it will break down). I guess for the next few years thise cuttings will come and with it another wave of defaults (this time in the building industry)

The problem shows that one fault often leads to another while trying to fix it. And this time they are completly wrong. The problem was credit expansion but now they want even more form that and ECB should finance the states. That surely will not do. It’s the biggest faule they can do. And so the header will struck with force but it’s the Deledefs own fault. They never understand and work for markets always and ever for ever expanding government. Surely the way to hell.

What does disturb me most.

Well there are two things

  • Actions of governments
  • Action of central banks

Well in this case I will link to a blog in German:

The Irish government has started to support renters. And guess what the prices of renting do not have fallen as much as the prices for houses. That just means the state subsidies do prohibit falling prices on the renting market. Or the other way round the not supported renters have to buy higher prices than they must.
Now if you are loosing your jobs, you may think about cheaper renting. But if you are not supported you loose.

And someones else has to pay the subsidies, that sucks so badly.

One of those days

where neithe the sun warms nor the wind cools. It’s one of thos days grey-in-grey my photo cells on the roof deliver energy just enough energy for one 40 W bulb. In best times I can get over 5000 W an hour which surely is enough for all our needs. Anyway not today.

Now how provides my energy today. In honest I’ve change some 3 or so years ago to an energy suppliert not using coal or nuclear power. Thanks to markets I had have and still have this chance. So today my energy comes as usually from water. But to a large extend this is not what the “normal” users will get. They will get their energy from coal/gas/oil/nucelar power plants. Howerver you see all the photo cells are useless today all the wind engines are “superfluoous” today so in fact two times the needs of the people are installed. One time with “renewable” energies and the other times with conventional plants. Well that means also that we have at least double the costs for a reliable energy supply. So in fact today is exactly a day where not even tons of money would help with energy production from renewable sources. Bad for all the users that they still have to pay all the prices be it from the renewable energies and “conventional” energies.

However more interesting, there was a gold rush time for suppliers of photo cells. (maybe around 2007/2008) and this was due to what? Well just one word subsidies. I know first hand because In 2008 I bought my photo cells and for now 20 years the following price is guaranteed: 46,75 €/KWH. that’s nearly four times the price for a standard KWH. Who has to pay, well the other inhabitants of Germany not lucky enough having their own roof full of cells.

Am I regretting this buy. Not at all, I named it to that time self-defense. And that is as I see it still. I’m not one of those paying the bills of bureaucrats and deledefs without trying to avoid them. Yes I know I harm others but this is government induced. I would not have bought the cells just for my own pleasure. They were much too expensive to really be competitive. They just get competitive through one of the greatest thefts in history. Introduced and bared from all this f….. deledefs. There is not exception to this stupidity any longer in Germany.

However it’s getting worse. The cell producers had their height in or around 2007/2008 since then the guaranteed prices have dropped massively I think they are barley above 20 ct/KWH now.
And now just see the stock prices for those cell producers. The dropped between 70 to over 95 % from their highest levels. So you still can see without this absolutely brain-dead subsidies they still can not produce the cells as cheap to be competitive.

Do you think the Deledefs are mentioning that during their speeches about sustainable energies. Not a word, they just tell us that “many” working places were created for that. And that Germany is the leader in “green ” technology. Just think about it a second. The prices for the cell producers are completely under water and it’s just a question of time when the first will get bankrupt. What about the many work-places than?

In honesty there is hardly a better example on deception one can find world-wide. The big “change” just hot words and substance. As I wrote at the beginning. “One of those days”….

Newest EU attack on your purse

Just imagine all EU countries have collected more debts than ever in history. Greece has manipulated data to be part of this system. And what did we do we sanctioned their doing. Now imagine, I’m stealing your money, we go to court and you have to learn. Well yes I had all the rights to betray you. What would you think about such kind of system?

Now the Irish want to get another 85 Billion from us. It was one of the soundest systems before the governement decided to “fail” out their banks, I can not see who has put some pistol on their chest saying. “you must keep your banks afloat”. Well you know the argument “there was/is/willnever be a choice. That simply is a lie.

The money for Greece was illegal, there were (and btw. still are laws) which forbid this kind of “credits”. So the choice with Greek was. “Doing nothing”. The choice for the Irish government was “doing nothing”. And in both cases this would have been the better choice. It surely would have signaled to everyone. “you can earn as much money as you like, but you can loose as much as easily”. Now the signal is to every bank or corporation. “Grow as large as possible don’t put any considerations ons sustainability. If it comes bad, you can held a whole country as hostage.”.

What do you think would stop the death-spriral?

What is the correct spelling for GM?

Since a few days ago I thought GM stands for Gerneral Motors, but I’m afraid I was wrong about it. I think it means “Great Manipulator” really.
Here are the reasons:
1) promising tons of money for retirements, which have proofed to be unbearable, GM has gone bankrupt and now the governement has to “guarantee” the retirement payments (IIUC)

2) GM has black-mailed all EU governements to pay subsedies for Opel factories. Well at least the German minister for economy has simply refused it and guess what has happened. GM will get along WITHOUT subsedies or debt-gurantees.

Well this was the first time in two years that the black-mailing has not worked. I wish it hadn’t worked likewise 2 years ago.

Doomed or blessed 3

Next round in the suggestions which indicate doom or failure of countries.
“The higher the subsedies the more doomd is that country”

Germany according to the Institut für Weltwirtschaft the subsedies and tax deductions should be as high as 164,7 Mrd. Euro.
Our whole budget is around 300 Mrd. So if one would have to pay the subsedies in cash we’d have more than half the money gone. I’d argue this
is at least around -70 (doom side)

What are the figures of other countries?

bread and circuses

Well that’s what the german deledefs seem to prefer. As some of you might have heard a german “frollein” has won the European song contest.
Now the polticians declare her a “great” german figurehead. But you know, if you get instrumented from Politicians….

The other things which have happened are not that joyful. Now the discussion starts abot tax raising, VAT raising etc. Everything (but currently not education according ot our first deledef) has to expect cuts. Well I bet everyone will find enough reasons why his/her resort should be excempted. So my bet is:

– VAT will raise (they will call it harmonizing with other EU countries (another small reminder the last VAT raise vom 16 to 19% has just been undertaken around 3 years ago.
It has resulted in 23 Billion more “income” and it was supposed to be used for paying back the immense debts. Well yo can imagine what they are going to take now and “argument” the same way. If you feel it sucks, well you’re not alone with that feeling….

– one could imagine a time-limited extra tax like we have to “supporting” east Germany since well now nearly 20 years. I bet a tax for “supporting” the EUR is not that impossible

– I expect some new sort of property tax, of course because the speculants are guilty

Let us assume another 4 % more VAT then we’re talking about roughy 40 Billion more Euros (but just take into account this year new debts were higher as 80 billions)… So it would not even be enough to stop making new debts.. so much about solidity

There will be other raisings, which are not that obvious. I doubt that many subsidies will get cut, if yes it will be some for parents. They know quite well that parents, work even harder to not let their children “suffer”. Exceptions just confirm this rules….

Well if you now something from the finanical toture catalogue, you surely find other “proper” actions…..