It did not had needed this proof

The USA is a fascists country, it has come over them while “fighting” terrorism. And it has shown that free just means free within the means of the bound put around you y your “you loving government. It just takes a little step further to top the worst president of the US ever. Obama is on a “good way”. The thing which is lacking is another civil war. This time again it’s big government against freedom. I hope this time freedom will win. And it should hit the current “government workers” the hardest.

Nothing in the behavior does suggest that the USA is the land of the free. It suffers under government and because it never has broken down on the past 140 years, it suffer s even worse on the ever growing government. The take and give of a few very rich and influential guys which get their hands on the new printed money first. That’s the worst of all worlds. The give the impression you may have a choice but in fact you don’t have any. It’s just the choice about how dirty your death will be. Will you be killed by starving or the wrong-doings of your government, which was supposed to keep you “safe”.

Lies, fear, destruction, torture and all the other bad things are officially sanctioned in the US. I pitty those not working for government and which have to suffer the most under it…..

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