In the end there’s the fasicists/socialists “solution”

I warned over and over again. Still to no good as it seems.
I warned that in the end empires usually end in disaster of wars. And it might be that it’s the same this time. There’s war in the air between China/Japan and therefor sooner or later also the USA. They all are fallen empires. Agreed they still are around but just walking corpses. China may look best on first sight, but the things I know about it speak differently. If you burry money in ghost towns something clearly is wrong.

Everyone but the politician know that Japan and the USA are bankrupt. No one ever got rich by collecting debts and nobody ever got rich by just printing money. Money printing is the “hallmark” of political losers. They can’t win this argument and so they do everything to distract from their crimes. But to no good at all.

Here we go
Japan prepares for war:
USA gives up whole cities:

America is not the land of the free any more, it’s politicians and bureaucrats are running wild and they do all they can, just leave devastation behind. Still the USA do have one advantage, the citizens can still wear, buy and have weapons. If they would not the state would have nothing to fear. But in that way, they are heading for a new civil war, I don’t think that the state can make it against most of it’s people. Anyway, it will get bloody, and that is my biggest fear. They to no go under in silence, but massive slaughter.

The old liberals have warned over and over again, don’t go down this way. But to no good, the fascists always got the upper hand in the end and freedom just get’s a chance after the horrible end of such end of fascists/socialist countries.

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