Unfortunately but true

The way into debt is the way into death.

We’re seeing it more and more in a growing number of countries. The debt mountains are very high and not bearable. So they must be “written down”. Those who have accumulated the debt do everything to get new debts. And they do accept every harm for anyone else. Currently it’s still peaceful, (besided the wars all over the world) but those are limited compared to the last World-War.

But will it be peaceful if states and large banks begin to fail? What will happen to the debts of the US, the EU countries, China, Japan? You can see the level of violence raises in countries near a default. Just look at Argentina, Bolivia, or why not Ukraine?

There’s still the on-going civil war in Syria, which well is not discusses very much any more. Now it’s the “coming”? crimean war. The point still is, they all have consumed too much in too short a time. And so they are desparatly in need for new financing sources. And well at the end of an imperium, usually stands war…

Will it be different this time?

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