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True words for eternity

“Every American citizen has a moral and spiritual obligation to see that no neighbor, no person, child or adult, suffers for the lack of necessities while he has the slightest surplus in his own name. But neither does man have the right to use government and the law, in the name of charity, to force the unwilling to do that which he would not do if the choice were his.”

That’s all there should be, and we all know it’s not what is.

Subsumption of what I wrote

since the beginning of this blog. Found today on ZeroHedge:

Citation of the 9 myth (unchanged and uncommented)

1. The dollar will continue to be the dominant currency.

This is a total farce. Grumblings grow louder around the world to establish a new non-dollar financial system, and China has taken the lead to make this a reality.

2. The US is still the dominant military power in the world.

If you measure by the quality of trained personnel, this is true. But what good is all of that military power if you can’t afford to do anything with it?

3. The police exist to protect the people.

Wrong again. With so much civil asset forfeiture taking place at the point of a gun (federally funded assault rifles), it’s clear they’re far more concerned about protecting those that maintain the status quo than protecting you.

4. Elections make a difference

Completely false. Most Western governments borrow money to pay interest on the money they’ve already borrowed.

In the US, they spend so much on mandatory entitlements and interest they could eliminate almost the entire government and still not run a balanced budget.

At that level of desperation, it matters not who’s in power.

5. Your bank is safe

Your bank might HAVE a safe. But if you look at objective data, many banks in the West have incredibly thin levels of capital and liquidity—the exact opposite of what a safe bank is supposed to have.

Oh yeah, they’re backed by poorly capitalized deposit insurance funds, which are guaranteed by insolvent governments.

And bear in mind that even if your bank is reasonably capitalized, you are still guaranteed to lose money on a tax adjusted, inflation adjusted basis if you you’re holding your savings there.

6. You have to go to college in order to get ahead

Quite the opposite—going to college in many cases can get you behind; just ask any 36-year old still paying down that $100,000 student loan debt.

The world is a big place full of opportunity. Skills and experience matter more than pieces of paper.

Here’s a better option, especially for young people: head overseas, and become an apprentice to a successful, knowledgeable individual that you respect.

Any young person who thinks that going to college is a good idea should just ask any of their unemployed friends saddled with $100,000 of debt if it was worth it.

7. I saw it on TV so it must be true.

Ufff. The mainstream media exist to paint a distorted version of reality so that people are kept placated, docile and largely clueless about what really goes on in the world.

8. Debt doesn’t matter because we owe it to ourselves

Whoever first said this must have a lot of whips and chains in his closet because he seems to enjoy pain.

If we owe the debt to ‘ourselves,’ that means that we will need to default on ourselves.

This means no more Social Security, Medicare, etc. It means causing the US Federal Reserve to become insolvent and spark a currency crisis. It means causing the collapse of every bank in the country.

Sure, no biggie.

9. The United States is the Land of the Free

Draconian surveillance efforts on its citizens. Punitive taxes, fines and regulation. Rising police state. Telling people what they can or can’t put in their bodies, how to grow their food, who to adore, who to hate. Preventing them to collect their own rainwater and live off the grid.

Now my comments. I do not agree whith it all at around 100 %. But there is way to much truth in it to fell any kind of comfort. If you know that there is a list of men, having to get murdered, and if there’s no chance to ever know how one might have got on this list. Then you can see there is a death-thread of your own government on yourself. That’s the bottom line of suppression. It’s the center of arbitrariness.

There’s one point I strongly disagree with. That’s the military power of the US. By any means and just be looking around the world this still is true. The trillions are burned world-wide and the US has the highest expenses on earth and ever on it’s military. So they are a threat to EVERYONE world wide. And the more they despair, the most likely they’ll use this military machine to “survive another day.” Even if it meant to burn the earth….

I don’t think so

I’m not sure that all will get right without too much trouble. I’m not convinced that money prining does not do any harm in the middle run, and I’m sure that money printing itself is just another word for a big offence.

I was thinking along the following lines a few days ago, after my visit to Italy. That land is constantly on the edge of an default and still live goes one. I was hoping and thinking, we may copy that “life” model. But and this I have not made myself clear enough, may just be wishful thinking. Most of the time the ends of empires were filled with war, crime etc. I can convince myself that this will not happen this time.

I know for sure that the governments world-wide are building up their forces for the upcoming uproars. You can see it with the ever extending NSA spying and the ever extended money printing of all the central banks world-wide. Currently most still do believe in the purchasing power of their currencies, and as long as this belief is not shaken, not much will happen really. The state will be expanded more and more to “fill” the gaps of the failures of capitalism. That it’s there own wrong-doing, well you will not doubt your friendly crony capitalist – or will you?

But such things just run along for a certain time and I’m afraid the sudden break may come as a surprise. IMHO it’s the same with earth quaked, the tensions are raising but everything looks still, and then comes the outburst of the sheer force and we are “lost”. I’m more afraid that it’s the same with governments and their parasites (sorry but there’s not less harsh word suitable for them).

Too many do live on the expenses of others, that’s the sad but nevertheless truth. The states do have extended beyond reasonable limits, and from there on there is but one way, leaving sanity more and more behind. We do have the most stupid laws in a long time, and everything is regulated – mostly very poor. If you just check the laws which came into existence in one year and read that we’re talling about 80 000 printed pages- something is clearly wrong. If you just would be able to follow the new laws you would have to read around 220 pages every day. That simply is impossible. So nobody can possible know all the stupid laws for oneself, but they still are laws and can and often will be enforced. So in short, you and I are criminals. There no “denying”, we can’t follow all the laws every time and so by definition we’re law breakers and that means criminals. (for the authorrities). Fear is a good means of ruling, and all our states are masters of it.

But there is an end too all madness, and that does not turn out to run without violence most of the time. So no I don’t think we get away without a lot of violence waiting to be happen.

Full hit

at least in my eyes:

Good Cops?

I do think that police is fighting against one’s own population while (just) enforcing laws, just the politicans want. Why is it so hard to understand that theft is a crime and there is not difference between theft and taxe or other forced payments. How comes that a government can limit everyone’s life to their liking? Where’s the right in using violence against those who do not want the state?

For me government is part of the problem, not part of the solution. But still people do really think government over all and everyone would be a good thing. I don’t know how that comes…. Government means violence, even if the do enforce it against men who do nothing wrong but not following the “law”. It’s not to understand why you can get all kind of drugs but that having “harsher” drugs could be a crime. Whose rights are violated if you consume them. And it’s not the business of the state to delcare what kind of living is within some artificial “right”, and there is absolutly not way to pacify taxes and right. There is not right also to have payements for uemployment, retirement etc. On the other hand people do not have a right to get paid while not working or being retired. They have to save their money for their after-work-life.

And to save means, that no one has the right to inflate the money people used for keeping their savings, and so central banks never can be right but they onlly can be established by “laws” backed by pure violence from the government. And so we come back to policemen, they are not for “rights” but “laws” and so everyone could happily kill within his duty to the state. Strange enougn the processes of Nürnberg to have judged oterhwise. So tell me how many measure of rights to exist? How can it be that killing from a Nazi soldier was treated as crime but a killing from a cop in the USA is obeying the law and a service to the public?

You know the difference

Today a half philosophical discussion. I just want to lead you into two different situations.

a) visiting a market

b) visiting a public authority

Just one first question. Which one do you prefer to visit?

Second question do you have an idea why?

Well for me it’s a difference like night and day. I’m sitting e.g in the evening and enjoying my dinner. And I eat e.g one wonderful fresh bread and I see that I need to fetch some new bread. Next morning I visit a bakery and what will happen? Well at first there will be some seller on the other side. She/he will kindly say. Good morning, what can I for you or the like. I tell him/her, I’d like to get my “bread”. If I’m a regular visitor I surely will be asked before. “You usual bread” or the like. They know me and they appreciate if I’m coming back. That’s voluntary exchange.

Now imagine the same for a public authority. Do you go there voluntarily? Well I for my part can not imagine one day when I WANTED to go there. I MUST. And how am I treated there? Just imagine a question about your taxes. How does that work? Well at first you won’t be alone and you even may have to take some dating ticket. And you have no idea how long it will take. You will sit down. Now think about the room where you may sit. Will it be a friendly place? Well AFAIKT the answer is no. I guess anyone know the endless corridors of such “establishments”… And there’s another difference you are irritated. You do not want to be there, you want to be somewhere else. And then the next thing which will get on you nerves. You will be treated as some nuisance. It’s not two men on the same height it’s the authorities and you. In the end it’s involuntarily exchange.

Well I know what I prefer and I guess you know it too. We are “forced” to go to the authorities for so much. In Germany we have to go to the registration office within some 3 day or so after the birth of a child. Yes it must all be kept on record. I guess they are afraid to miss some tax casualty. I don’t know how you’d feel I know how it got on my nerves to go there. Other things that one must “go” to fetch ones passport. Why? It just indicates that you are owned by some “government” and you can not get anywhere into another country without such thing. It’s like a owners dog tag. It states you are “owned” by the government.

Just think about it. When was the last time you visit a public authority voluntarily?

Obama it’s getting worse

If you have read hear just a few articles you know that I think Obama should not be president.

Now he gave a talk about the “Future of the US” and there he mentiones something like egoistic money jugglers.

Well it’s not the egoists I’m afraid of. Imagine you get along somewhere (let’s think a market), and you want to have something let’s say a pot of honey. You want it (egoistic) and now what is the next you ask?
Well it will be “How much is it”. And you will get an answer. This answer will be the base on which you decide, well yest it’s worth it or not.

Now you are a non egoistic but politician. The same market. You see something and think well those or those may have a need for it. You take the stuff and inform the other side that’s for the greater good and that he has to
agree. If he won’t you will just pull your gun and say again. “Sir/Madam you want to give that to me for free, I know better what to do with it”. The latter attitude is that of Obama and hit gang (bureaucrats etc) It’s not me that is alone with this see the big dispute about a visit to your president here:

Who is the problem? AFAIKT it’s not the egoist. He knows he has to give to receive something in return.


I’ve written about it before. And the same holds this time. I have not really checked the published items. But if just 1/10 of it is true than we are talking about more than 10000 murdered people. This just shows it very clearly what armed forces are all about. The reactions of the politicians are clear. They don’t deny any facts but say every other life of an American soldier or whomever it as stake. As if the life of a soldier from the US would have a higher worth than anyone else. I have written more than once on how armoured forces are behind everything from the governement and this one of the most shabby examples. Agreed it’s war, but this war was put on Iraque by the US. They have send down their soldiers because of the most obscure reasons. How would you feel first be opressed by the armed forces of a dicatator and jus a few years later by the forces of a “democratic” choosen parliament. What’s the difference, can anyone feel better to see at the point of a gun of a criminal or a “soldier”? Do you feel better that your house is burned than you’d feel if your house is bombed? I’m very shocked and you can bet if I’m glad that this crimes couuld not be kept under the karpet. It does not help any poor soul suffering under this kind of “violence”, but maybe it will open up the eyes of a quite a few others what governement really is.

Money without worth no more?

Have you ever considered, why inflation is accepted as something inevitable? Well guess again, it’s not inevitable. Check out the diverse books form von Mises,
Hayek, Friedman and you can see why inflation is the every day robbery of those having control over the money. Even a simple line of deduction can tell you, inflation is
very gladful accepted by well you can say every politician. How comes? Well it devaluates the money. And so if the governements want credit, they issues some bonds. Some of them are very long running (up to 30 years). Now agreed they have to pay interest on it. But if we asssume an inflation rate of 2 % the value of the bond is nearly halfed in value after thos 30 years. So the other half was stolen. And remember you have to pay taxes on the interest also. So if we assume just 1/3 of tax on interest and have a nominal interest rate of 4%, and a “nominal” inflation rate of just 2% then the calculation is. You have to pay 1.2% of taxes on your intereste 2% is stolen from it so you are left with “astonishing” 0.8% “gain”. Well you can imagine how nice governements found this kind of stealing. They blame everything else for the inflation rate. But they want more an more credit. Saving in this context does not mean putting aside money, but issuing less credit than the normal BIP grows. This again ist simply a plain lie.

Inflation must not happen. Just imagine the following scenario.
– Reserves are not longer allowed (what does it mean?) Well if you have a reserve rate of 10% you just need 10 Currency Units to lend 100 Currency Units. And well a Bond on one side is an asset on the other side. The other banks lends’s another one the money and see money appears out of the nowhere. No imagine a 100% Reserver. That means you can not lend more than you really have. This is the “normal” situation for anyone not bank. If you own 1000 Currency Units you can not suddenly borrow 10000 Units. With such a “simple” approach, all the fuzz which has happened wouls simply vanish, and “too big! to fail can not happen. It’s really as simple as that but no one in the policits and especially the federal reserve banks won’t work on that simple solutions. They will insist on just another few layers of control. And well you can bet who has to pay for it.

– Now imagine a constant money supply. How can anyone get “richer”?. Well for that to see in front of you just check the IT industry. Since their beginnning they have to cope with falling prices. Now if the money supply is constant but the prices do fall everyone get’s richer one day after the other. This would be savers paradise. You know if you just keep your money, you’ll be richer tomorrow and this is reality. But no in the this system would stat it that clearly as long as they are “on duty”. Just see the remaks of Greenspun about gold backed money. Before his time, he was in it. After he get chef, he started printing money.
You may ask how can something grow beyond than? Well it’s “easy”, if something new comes along (like computers) people suddenly start buying these kind of things and are of course demaning less of anything else. And so even with a constant money supply growth can take place. It would be sustainable growth. This piling up of “securities” as we have seen it just “wishful-thinking” and unsustainable.

You could choose for a much better future of us all putting pressure on the politicians and bureaucrats. Just demand one thing. “stable money”. If you insist on it and will not get them along with ther lies, you won’t e held hostage for THEIR faults any more…. The only trouble with it is that we MUST comply, otherwise they send us someone along with a gun in his/her hand. Arguing in front of such is simply stupid, if you’re dead or locked away you can not “do anything” no more. And this is the most depressing news. Your own governement just is nothing more than a Kidnapper. If you do not believe me. Well try the following things. Don’t pay no tax anymore…., try to start digging for something of vale on your own ground, do not accept money issued by the governement no more but insist on anything else. Well you’d better be prepared of some stay on in of the “nice” prisons of your country. So fact is there is a layer you’ve to feed with any money you accept or spend. So if you buy anything for some currency units, you pay for those making your live difficult…. It’s perfect system of exploitation. And well they all live from your money….