Dear Kiwis

I’m terrible sorry, but your prime minister and her gang decided that you life ist now worth to get defended. So you have a prime minister who thinks you lives do not matter.

For the record: I wrote till now two letter to your PM

I know this mail won’t reach you directly, and I hardly doubt that you
even will consider something in it. But it has to be written.

What you are planning to do is not right and unjusst. There is one
fundamental right for any men on this planet – it’s his/her right to
live. And for that self -defense is not a nicht to have but a
fundamental right.

Now I ask you directly. Had have the casualties of the shooting any
chcance to defend hemselves? How could anyone even think that some men
with weapons will be around anytime, anywhere?

Sorry that never ever could happen and never ever will happen. The
simple fact is if the casualties would have had weapons they would
have hade at least the chance for self defence.

You will disallow that. So for me it’s clear it’s your resposnsibilty
from then on, for any casualty inflicted. You doom them to death.

I bet you won’t agree, but the facts won’t change.

My freely given advice is: Don’t do it.

I’ll live long enough to see the results and I won’t forget who was
responsible for that:

With best regards

And here’s the second:

As I thought, it has not reached you or you simply have ignored it.

Now with you change in the laws you are directly responsible for the
coming casuualties.

I’ld like to know how one sleeps who dooms others to thir detaths.

Won’t wish you best regards, that’ll be a lie. I’m not used to lie.

You will not be allowed to defend yourself and your freedom will be diminished in the name of security. So if you get murdered, it’s because your politicians do like it that way?

I’d be so kind and blaze a trail to hell for hear before you’d have to take that route.

Politicians who do not allow for weapons for self defence, are murderers.

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