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Let’s check

how is our race to the bottom doing?

  • Greece is on it’s way to yet another default.
  • If my calculations are right (see: then Spain has to get new debt of 33 -¢ for every Euro they spend. New debts (officiall numbers) around 34 billions. Now they have to offer 6.5 % for new money. How “unfair”
  • Extra implicit debt of the USA 200 trillions. That seems to get a tough one

In short the race is almost run. Currently leading Greece, Spain, Italy. But the followers are not that far of. And what do we get from our politicians? “Everything’s under contro” and yet (strange enough) the new suggestions for “solving” the problems are following in a minutes distance. Could it be that “panic” time is starting? All the suggestions just complete the mess. More power, more debt and more regulation. That’s all there is, be it in Euro Land. USA or China. Just see some newspapers or probably better blogs….

The lybian catastrophe

Before that all I wrote:

Now Lybia will get even less than even the French. Scharia as “base” or right. So in fact Lybia wants to exchange one kind of dictatorship with another one. And this time we “must” help the “poor” Lybians. Well not with my agreement. If they think Scharia is a good base for civil rights they should keep it to themselves.

I do not want to get even near a country with such “laws”

I really wished that people would surprise me in a positive way. But no one dictator killed another one waiting behind the next corner. What a fucking stupid business.