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Let’s check

how is our race to the bottom doing?

  • Greece is on it’s way to yet another default.
  • If my calculations are right (see: then Spain has to get new debt of 33 -¢ for every Euro they spend. New debts (officiall numbers) around 34 billions. Now they have to offer 6.5 % for new money. How “unfair”
  • Extra implicit debt of the USA 200 trillions. That seems to get a tough one

In short the race is almost run. Currently leading Greece, Spain, Italy. But the followers are not that far of. And what do we get from our politicians? “Everything’s under contro” and yet (strange enough) the new suggestions for “solving” the problems are following in a minutes distance. Could it be that “panic” time is starting? All the suggestions just complete the mess. More power, more debt and more regulation. That’s all there is, be it in Euro Land. USA or China. Just see some newspapers or probably better blogs….

Do you really think you’re better of?

Dear US citizens, do you really think that?

Well ask you in honesty what Obama has done the last few years? Is there anything better than before?

Aren’t you still printing money as mad and don’t your Helicopter Bend thinks, he can print the US out of the misery?

Aren’t your soldiers still killed world-wide? And don’t your government put you all under terrorism suspicion?

I just can see you’re going the way of serfdom. So do you feel that is better than what happened here in Euroland?

Well for an out/insider it should get more obvious. You’re doomed as we are. It’s just a matter of intellectual curiosity who will win the race to doom.

God shows sometimes mercy, but the fiat-money gods bureaucrats won’t. I can assure you bureaucrats are best at killing. We learned that in Germany, and your prisoners in Guantanamo learn if from your “unusual questioning methods”. Bureaucrats love to fulfill their given duties, especially harming others is high up on the “I like” ranking.

You as we are rapped and robbed every day. Just have a look at “what has government done to our money” and then compare your money do ours. Is there any difference? No it’s money just because the government declares it to be money and threatens everybody with jail if one does not accept their notion of money. You are so fucked, up. As we are, yes both blocks are just marching deads. Land of the free? Well no….