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Lawful / Unlawful

There are things which are completely different, depending on who does what.

The USA and France are flying attacks against IRS in Syria. Assads regime does fight them also. So that is ok, but now russia comes to support Assad and that-´’s now-  a realy bad thing.

Meanwhile in Germany, the attackes lead to fleeeing of the Syrians, does France and-  the USA take the refugees? You are right they do not…

Now that is named “bringing” stability by the US…

Lybia and Syria

Well “nice” to see if two do the same it’s not the same.

Ghadaffi kills his population and all but a few come with planes and bombs.

Assad kills his population and it’s not even mentioned.

I wonder what will happen if the population will walk the streets in Germany and USA. Maybe in Germany we start another war for “freeing” the poor population?

One can not believe this. The most important thing yesterday has been some totally unimportant wedding but the killing of a few dozens or even hundreds. Who cares?