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Germany will go down the drain

It’s inevitable. To many here do not understand the simplest economic rule any more.

On of the new “pets” (in fact dragons in disguise) is called base income payment for every german. No question about work no question who has to pay. Every German should get a certain payment (let’s say 800 €) without any further request from whom?

Guess once

Guess twice

From the state. Now what a “nice” idea. One stupid question who pays?

I guess the answer is clear:the COFH (Capitalist Of Hell) .

So let us do a rough calculation 80 million germans with 800 € monthly payments make for 80 000 000 * 800 * 12 = 768 000 000 000. Wow that’s easy just 758 billions. Just a small reminder, the current budget is around 300 billions. Ah yes I’m sure that will work well.

We can calculate another way Germany average retirement payments are 700 € /month. and this costs the state 80 billions. So let us calculate with this figures. So let’s say 1/3 of the Germans are in retirement, that are roughly around 80 / 3 = 26,7 million. So the costs are easy to calculate: around 226 800 000 000. So we can say 1/3 of the retirement payments have to be borne by the state. Let us just increase the average montly payment to 800 so we would have costs of 259 200 000 000 on third of this would be 86,4 billions. So just for getting near that “base” payment for retired men/women we need another 6 billions of credit…. And now imagine how this system will do if people which have retired will raise…

Again this complete stuff can not have been properly “calculated” it’s unbearable, but that does not matter for the Germans. This is just and so it must be so…. This just means we are so fubar that it just hurts…

The three golden deledef rules

Translated from:

1) a politician never is guilty

2) if a politician is guilty 1) takes immediate precedence

3) if a politician is guilty an lying, it has to be blamed on the markets

Just have a look at a few entries on the mises log in the past few days:
Just an example from Germany, The taxes on fuel are well beyond 70% IIRC they are even near 80%. Who get’s blamed the oil companies. Well they are responsible of 1/3 of the price but
with every cent more the deledefs get 0.7 cent more robbed cents. That’s the “truth” and no-one can deny it, but the deledefs do over and over again….

Keep that in mind and you have much easier times to understand, their actions.

I like it it subsumes everything nicely what’s happening in EU or US country. Strange enough one does not hear such garbage from Neu Zealand, or Australia. Well the Japanese are
similiar and the Chinese are well “different”. We know the lie (but how does not) but they are culitvating their own bubbled. I can not see a city without population as a good investement..
See e.g: