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Germany will go down the drain

It’s inevitable. To many here do not understand the simplest economic rule any more.

On of the new “pets” (in fact dragons in disguise) is called base income payment for every german. No question about work no question who has to pay. Every German should get a certain payment (let’s say 800 €) without any further request from whom?

Guess once

Guess twice

From the state. Now what a “nice” idea. One stupid question who pays?

I guess the answer is clear:the COFH (Capitalist Of Hell) .

So let us do a rough calculation 80 million germans with 800 € monthly payments make for 80 000 000 * 800 * 12 = 768 000 000 000. Wow that’s easy just 758 billions. Just a small reminder, the current budget is around 300 billions. Ah yes I’m sure that will work well.

We can calculate another way Germany average retirement payments are 700 € /month. and this costs the state 80 billions. So let us calculate with this figures. So let’s say 1/3 of the Germans are in retirement, that are roughly around 80 / 3 = 26,7 million. So the costs are easy to calculate: around 226 800 000 000. So we can say 1/3 of the retirement payments have to be borne by the state. Let us just increase the average montly payment to 800 so we would have costs of 259 200 000 000 on third of this would be 86,4 billions. So just for getting near that “base” payment for retired men/women we need another 6 billions of credit…. And now imagine how this system will do if people which have retired will raise…

Again this complete stuff can not have been properly “calculated” it’s unbearable, but that does not matter for the Germans. This is just and so it must be so…. This just means we are so fubar that it just hurts…

von Mises run

well yes there are no good news. There are currently just bad and worse news.

Now it’s the spanish banks, another 100 billion. I wonder from where that money comes. And you know the answer. It comes from new debts and this debts
have to be beard by the tax payers. Oh yes they won’t honestly higher the tax immediately, but the invoice will come. And it’s always those who have and live within
their financial limits, which have to pay. I guess it will be as usually. The inflation will be driven up, the tax is driven up and those not paying taxes will not even recognize, that’s somebody get’s robbed.

The different loosers in the different countries are cheering another looser. Really they tell, what a good thing that Spain takes the EFSF money. Well you can see it’s not the idea of market which prevails. It’s from a to z socialism pure. And every socialist country get bankrupt within around a live span of a man.

And again the best safety net for the savers would have been sound money, and there you have it. The last we get is sound money. We’ll see more money printing, more card houses of debts. I know it’s stupid, people with at least a slight idea on economic thinking know it’s stupid and yet those who know will get overturned by the majority. And as we can see e.g in France the majority just is stupid as wood. I really wonder how the French think Hollande will pay for all “his” promises. They really must think the state is a money spender. And they simply do not get it that it’s robbery which keeps the states afloat. One should not wish bad for others, but I feel it is needed that they suffer under exact the conditions they seem to prefer.

And it’s now starting to get really worse. The banks are bankrupt and the states a bankrupt, and the stupid people still believe the state can steer anything. They are steered and it will show, and the more they deny the facts (money has to be earned) the more devastating the outcome.

Fundamental critique

Well I know this may get boring. However the stock markets were temporarily high up the last few days.

So be it. Just it does not change anything IMHO. We still have have the same problems as before and they are worsen every day, with every new bond. We have debts everywhere. Not even our money has some value, it’s just an I.O.U. Making the billion dollar note is just as expensive as having one-dollar notes. We have hundreds of thousands inproduktive workers at or around e.g the president. See e.g: The delebets burn money in masive amounts for what?

So whatever will come, it’s clear this kind of economic is not sustainable. For having sustainability we need:
1) sound money

2) sound finances

3) less money burners and bureaucrats.

4) less politicians everywhere

So my suggestions still persist. Don’t buy any bonds of any state. Buy some or more gold or anything which has proven it’s value over the centuries. Tell everyone about the austrian school and try to get this into “mainstream”. We have had enough voodo-economics now for too many years…

Does the message will arrive?

I’m puzzling. Will the Delebets look at numbers and put of their rose-coloured glasses. Or will they
burn a few extra trillions?

Gold has reached again it’s highest value. Yesterday. In all but one currency the CHF has outperformed any other currency on the market AFAIKT. Does that mean anything?
Well it probably depends if you think democracy is good then the Swiss have a very good democracy. The population can question nearly any law from the authorities. This is near
unique world-wide. In Germany we have nothing comparable and so if you have chosen you are through with it. The Deledefs can do whatever they like. NO QUESTIONING.

They argue that the population would be overwhelmed to decide as the negotiators of the party. And so Merkel does what she likes hardly even hampered by any law. And that’s mostly similiar to other EU countries, Germany is not even the worst. From my point of view, the French and Italy are much “worse” of. Anyway will they just STOP once and think?

Would it be asked to much really to get to the ground of the austrian school of economics?

I’m afraid they would not hear or see the message if it would be 1 m away from them crying and with 1 m large letters. The Delebets have proved over and over again that they simply do not understand market, they have not idea about consequences of their doing. They really think if they want to achieve something, they can whatever they like. But you see they are wrong with the economy and especially wrong with currencies. The have sunk billions of Euros and still there is no improvement. They do not get that, they are asking for another few billions just to do the same stuff as before.
So I’m afraid the message will get lost.

I just want to keep it written down here. There are alternatives, I outlined them here over and over again and probably will another few hundred times.
The easy solution is “Go out of our ways”. Does this message will arrive some day?