“Political” solutions

Now in Germany we’re speaking of the “summertime hole”. That’s saying the politics stops during the holiday season.
This time it was world championship season also. And so before going to their not-deserved holiday, they just “solve” something
the usual political way. And they make a law, which they said they won’t do. And they just will take away more money for keeping their
unsustainable “healt-care system” going.

The US will learn the hard way that Obamacare is pandora’s box. And this will proof to be wrong even in the literal sense. As you might know while opening that box
disease sprang into life, it’s unbelievable how true this has proved in our “health-care-systems”. Just see nearly everyone is “ill” in some way and the disease industry is always hard working (with success) to claim that even more are “ill” and need “therapy”. And this more of course has to be paid for.

In Germany the irony is that the people who stick in the “lawfull health funds”, do never see the costs associated with visitis to the doctor. Now you can imagine how
this is treated. Nothing could be too expensive (in theory).

Our system is regulated in such bizarre ways that Orwell would have used it as model for this 1984 book (if he had just known it).

Anyway it fits the usual political way. “If there is a trouble spot, the answer always has to be mo’ politics.”

And so there are figures for everything. You are allowed to “use up” 5 Minutes for talking to the patien, another minute to do that, 30 seconds for that, you got it.

It’s burocrats land of plenty.

2 Gedanken zu „“Political” solutions

  1. FDominicus

    You see this as winning for the more intelligent ideas. Well I’d see it completly different it shows how stupidity grows over every bound.

  2. Prevalent One

    From America, it’s seems like Germany is near the center of both the most intelligent and least intelligent ideas. I hope the intelligent ones keep going and increase their current winning streak.


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