German magazines are just disappointing

If it comes to a least three themes

1) politicians and there wrong-doing

2) environmental questions

3) demanding more laws.

There was one of the most devastating earth quakes ever in Japan, the only “intersing” theme are nuclear plants… And they start bashing on the technolgy. Nothing but this technology has
prevented that less casualties. Just remember the big flood in 2004 more than 200 000 dead. The Japanse may get away with below 50 000 dead. That in such an crowded environment

Now the magazines declare the end of the nuclear power plants. This is “so ridicolous”. Germans are very “selective” about this, and the news magazines do everything they can to raise their fears as
much as they could.

One of the biggest frauds has taken place last weekend, the “wrong-doing” of bailing-outs should be “fixed”. Do you think anyone mentions it (in the “larger press), no just a few blogs mention it….

The french president has found another guilty groups the “speculants”. Ah yes how original and how “untrue”. But hey you know the Ps are right the citizens wrong. That’s a fact and the news magazines honor this “fact”.

It not just the magazines but also the government “wanted” television. The themes are as if they have a deal. We do everything to keep the citizens within the current political direction. With special
support for “environmental” question and of course bashing capitalists. Do you think there is pointing out where the deledefs all do wrong? Ha, think again….

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