As time goes by

We once had some good journals here in Germany. This times have com to an end within the last 3 years.

They are now writing as if they would be paid by the diverse Shadows of Green parties. They are blaming speculators as the scape goats. And not even mention that they were for helping banks 3 or so years ago. I’ve written against this kind of “help” since the first failout package, and no austrian economics has supported this kind of wrong-doing. The incapable journalists just write about neo-liberalism. Which just is another word for the good state the bad economy. It’s fucking depressing to see a once capable journal writing that kind of crapp

No word about the fiat-money system, the melange out of big governement and big banks or big businesses. Not a single word. And here we go the state tries to control and gets bankrupt over that…..And the press just stands beside and applauses this kind of self-murdering….
Stupid, more stupid, Spiegel..l

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