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Venezuela – Hyperinflation

“versucht gegenzusteuern” aber klar beim “Versuch” wird es bleiben. Ich schlage vor die größeren Scheine auf Halde zu legen, die werden schon bald wieder gebraucht
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Was schreib’ ich seit Jahren?

Sozialismus / Venezuela / Mist

Venezuela: 13000 Prozent Inflation im Utopia der Linken Heute früh ein Bericht im ARD-Morgenmagazin mit…

Gepostet von Dr. Dr. Rainer Zitelmann am Freitag, 18. Mai 2018

Doomed or blessed 4

Another round in our enumeration of dos and don’ts

“A governemnt not defending privat property rights is doomed to fail”.

Examples, one very actual Zimbabwe. The land owners were expropriated (from a total corrupt political “elite”), the inflation rate is
not at 231 million per cent. So you can say, the only value of that currency is the paper value of their notes.
So the “elites” have taken it all for themselves so in fact there is hardly “support” for private property. It was seizef from the people.

Currently in Germany the figure for it is around -10 (we have some strange things in our Grundgesetz, so with enough interest of the “public”,
one can be expropriated, without a “proper” compensation, it’s not complete arbitrary but arbitrary enough to subtract from guarentee to private property)

We also have death duties here and this can be extremly high. See e.g

So up to 50% can be “taxed” away. That is way beyone any reasonable guarantee to private ownership.

It means also you have to triple or quadruple your fortune during your lifetime. One half will be “eaten” by inflation (fiat-money !!) the other hals seized after your death….

There’s just one thing left.

Which will stop the deldedefs to ruin us completey. We have to take away the possiblities to mess up with money.
So it all ends in, we need to have a stable money. We have to get rid of the central banks. The problems with
the current state of affairs just show it over and over and over and over again.

Just read the coments of Bernanke or Trichet, the most prominent examples of the heads of central banks.
Just remember the 700 billion TARP money? Just see the 750 billon money for the “european (un) safety net”.

Fact is: The leading countrie are drowning into debts. Expecting that they will pay for it is just “wishful-thinking”. They claim they will start saving, but
this is a lie. So what they will do is inflate the money. This will still from those having savings, but that is
the way it has gone since the 2nd world war. Just look back into the 1970 ies. With their extremly high inflation rates.

That we currently do not see the inflation rate rising is just “by chance”, with all the new money printed they will start raising. And then imagine central banks which will claim
stabiity is reached as long as inflation rates stay below let’s say 10 %. Just let them keep this for 7 years and the value of the debts just have halved….
But if they try to steer back they have to raise the short-termed interest rate, this will get a very very very harsh stop….

I’d prefer not to try this route, so I’m for. Stop the central banks, let’s work for “stable” and valuable money.