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May be

but maybe not. At first the surprise must take place. Then the voted for have to do what they wanted to. And then there is Germany – unfortunatly-  – and the surprise will not heat Germany. In Germany I’M certain with around 70 % that it’ll be CDU/CSU/SPD again maybe even the greens will take part.

The interesting questions in Germany are just. How much for the greens and how much for the Afd. CDU and SDP Both will use at least (IMHO 5-7%) to the AfD. So I’s sure we Germany will get really ripped of the next 2-3 years or so.


It’s “election” time

Well if you name it election, while just having the choice between destitution and calamity. If you think something will change for you, well think again.

Both are mercantilists of the purest form. And they are spending other peoples money. That’s the only thing they really can. They use the words honor in a convoluted way So you do not have a choice as long as such deledefs can be voted for.

My tip for the election is that Obama will win. You do not drive out the redeemer of whatever.

So we will have to live again with an inept president. Alone a visit somewhere in the US costs a few millions. If he’s traveling an hour in his plane another 100 000 Dollar or so are burned. He will smirk in every available camera and will tell you how much he cares. Well yes and he will arm police with new weapons to enable better killing of “bitchy” citizens. He will extend the rights of the armed forces to be better used for killing people in the US itself.

Because you believe such a liar you will get what you have voted for. I wish you will be the first to feel the bullets of you guardians. For those neither wanting distress nor calamity, well you choices are vanishing. Secession will hardly be an option, so what else is left? Probably just emigration. But because most of you think you live in such a great country, you will not consider it till it’s too late. Anyway it still is too late. You have give up freedom for god-knows-what.

I can not understand why you accepted that.

Keep this on record


“This is what we need to do right now to prevent the possibility of a crisis turning into a catastrophe,” Obama said on the Senate floor. In Missouri, before flying to Washington to vote, McCain said, “If we fail to act, the gears of our economy will grind to a halt.”

It shows that none of the candidates have their own idea about economy. If it’s the economy stupid, how could you vote any of them? If one of it has stand up with another plan, just a bit less insane than the current, I’d know whom to vote…

But you still have the vote. You do not have to vote any of them… It would deserve them well to be not voted at all….


And guess who has taken the most money of them all Obama and McCain, you can’t see the conflicts of interest? Money has financed them their election campaign, money will buy them the presidents chair?

I repeat myself. None of them has stand against it, none of them had offered an own plan, both expect you to choose them……. It’s up to you to write your congressman not to vote for them. They may or may not choose to follow you, but you’d tried and stand up. You may fail standing up but you can do so in pride. You can fail in shame, Pick your choice