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Socialism at work

Well yes it is still at work, and getting stronger by the day.

  1. the SPD wants a stability and growth union in europe (that’s newspeech for, we want to gain more control and put all in misery, but pst don’t tell anyone)
  2. the dictatorship gets into another round in Russion. Putin Medwedew are just chaning positions.
  3. The USA and GB are heading for a new war in Iran
  4. Last and least the FDP member do not vote against all this socialism, and those who do not vote against it are working for it

Overall it’s getting worth every hour. It’s as if the leaders want to go to war again, just for their survival….

Forget my last entry

It seems the vote is not held. This is interesting in two ways. At first it would be a democratic thing, that it is not held show that the deledefs do not want too loose anything they may get. Now anyway there will be some vote for a new Parliament, but I’m wondering what anyone else can do. The debts are there and have to be paid. If every party stick to this they do not have a choice. Well the only choice they have is how to “pay” back. Socialists can not reason in an economic way and it seems most of the Greek (which could and had have enough) have moved their money out of the country. This money is not accessible to the socialists they can not tax it (or if they try, the money will not be show again officially, I guess most of the money brought above will be “unofficial” anyway). Now they have big unions and so the way to more free markets will be a very tough one. They can not go along as before, because nobody is willing to pay for their granted benefits anymore.

So no party but a true liberal party has any clue about solving the Greek debt problem. And you know a true liberal party does not exist world-wide. So they are stuck with their socialists of any colour. I can not see how any of the parties in Greek will be able to handle that and so we’ll see a lot of manouvering. The base for them will be: How do we get the EU money without too much work on our side.

Anyway if they will not make it in the forseeable future. the other EU “partner” will have to send down money there over and over and over again. In Germany we have this clearing between countries. And in the German history just one has gone from taker to giving. (That was Bayern if anyone is interested), the other countries like Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin and surrounding just burn money one year after the other and they tell us they can not to differently. That is what Greek will be a country depending on support, they will take this route because it’s more appealing to spongers. And Greek has a lot of them….

So we see everything turned out to be bad for those having to support such countries. But that’s the race to the bottom. It’s not honorouble to make it by oneself no the deledefs of all countries will try to get as much from others and the others will be their excuse also.”Well we could not do anything about it it comes from …”

Yes the spongers work hard to make their life most comfortable while harming every one else. That’s their “reason” for living…..

Extension to “let’s talk about real” money.

Here we got new attacks on rationality.

Ideas to end democracy

There was a reason that the US did not have a central bank up from the start. There was a reason to not trust paper-money, there was reason to not trust big corporations. All this gone. And Obama does not stop. he does even more to abolisch any rest of responsibility. And Geither just the helpful, just follows suite. People if you think about unfriendly words about deledefs insert them here NOW: