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Fuel prices

Well here in Germany we are near the top of the prices for fuel. And the politicians blame the oil companies for the high prices. Fact is we do have
an oligopoly here. That’s in itself not too bad, but together with regulations it hurts.

Anyway did you know that well around 60% of the price is caused by taxes? So let’s see 1.67 somewhat is the price for fuel. So we have to pay 1.002 €/l on taxes.
Can you believe the comments of the politicians? So in fact without the taxes we’d do pay around 60 -¢/l. instead of 1.67 €. Or put the other way of the base prices raised by 1 -¢
we’d have to pay 2.5 -¢ more together. So with just 10 ct different we have to pay a quarter € extra.

And yes do not forget the evils of Co2. So people curse the state because of it, and the state does blame those earning less from each liter but themselves. They want lower prices?
So why do they put 60% taxes on fuel? No they enjoy it. And they do nothing for lower prices. On the contrary, they are even enjoying the benefits of 1 trillion of new Euros without any value.
So where do you think the prices will go?

Indeed because the ECB is printing money the prices will go up. And in the not all to distant future we have reached the goals of the greens. 5 DM (that are 2.55 €/l). What will stop the prices from soaring?
Well nothing but a crash, either the crash of the currencies of crash of the “social democratic” systems. And as we know from Mises, if you do not stop credit expansion. Credit expansion will stop currencies.
And we’ll here the new song of the guilty speculators

The “joy” of parties

Dear Readers I like to tell you a story about FUD.

As you could read in my last entry. Greece is still finished but the deledefs do not admit that. That are not real news. But now it’s get interesting. According to
some blogs in Germany 40 members were excluded from the left party and the right party because they did not agree to the “saving” plan.

There are somewhat below 300 member in it. So just imagine well beyond 10 % were excluded because they did not accept a stupid and guaranteed to fail plan.
Now aren’t party great?

In fact they suck to badly that one just can day fubar. Parties are the most repressive system one can encounter and having such prominent roles as they have is
again fubar. So we are ruled by a fubar system, with fubar money. That’s a few too many things one can not even dream of to repair. In the end the end is clear.
The “systems” will break down. That means violence and yes most of the time war.