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Don’t say you have not been warned

I wrote against it since the start of this blog. I warned of Obama, I warned of Trump and Clinton. I was totally against any bail-in, any bail-out. any EU support for countries in financial problems. I warned about the downswing in Griechenland and I warned also about the catastrophe in Venezuela.

I warned actively against any central bank and also I warned for the ever growing EU. You don’t have to believe me, you just can look through this blog or others I keep or write in: see e.g I especially warn against the current legal tender money.

Facts still are. You voted for Obama (most of you) and you get a nobel peace price winner who was in war over all his president ship. I told you before Obama is clueless about economy: You still voted for Obama and it has doubled your debts in just 8 years. Now that-´s more than nearly 200 hundred years back with all the wrong-doings of your politicians just before Obama. And still you voted for Obama the second time.

Now you will decide for Trump or Clinton, if you do, you are toast and rightly so. It does not have to bother me, but it will hit men world wide. With Mr Clinton war will never end. If war will end with Mr Trump, one can have at least a shimmer of hope. But they are both by any means worse candidates then even maybe Obama, and that means quite much.

Did anyone of the candidates suggest he/she will call back your soldiers? Does anyone has suggested to stop war against terrorism, war on drugs, war on whatever. Has anyone suggested to-  close down the central bank, hell has anyone even suggested to make no more debts?

Sorry it’s harsh but the truth. If you fucking morons do vote for either Clinton or Trump, the blood is also in/at your hands. We (the Austrians) told you not to go down that route, you are too stupid to grasp the problems with deep state. And yet since 200 years you are voting for the GOP or the Democrats. You deserve all the misery, you currently have to endure.

For anyone not voting for either Trump nor Clinton.-  You’ve tried, that’s more then one can say about anyone else. But it will cost your blood also. And not just those of the stupid voters for any out of the old parties.

Look who is printing now

Obviously the ECB could not stand the misery of the FED alone. This poor guy, just think printing money will solve the problem caused by too much money. (too much cheap money indeed). And so the ECB in it’s own mercy decided: “We print money also”, an offered a three year long tender at an interest near zero. The sum is now well above 1.2 trillion. Money not saved, just introduced by the supermen/superwomen of the central banks.

So the plan must be to ruin the currencies completely. The do not stop credit expansion but adding to it way to much. It should prolong the illness and or prepared for the total break-down. Why they do that? Well it’s the believe that you can generate money out of the blue and nobody should notice. Well you can see where it ends. We know have much higher market prices for nearly everything. Are the shareholders that much richer?
No they are not they just get more calculation units as before.

The reason of this money printing is most charming. Working against some credit crunch. Ah yes that’s our problem too less credit, or not? If a private company would make such manipulation, they would go out of business, but the beneficial (for Deledefs) central bankers, see themselves as the last frontier to barbarism. Central banks suck.

What can you do to end the misery?

Well you may ask (I asked more than once 😉 what you can do to end the misery.
If you ask which misery, this entry is not for your. It’s for those you think we should do as much harm to the current system of vermin.

Can we really do something against them? Yes. We can, we can’t with votes that’s for sure. At least in Germany the congressman can do whatever they want
during their active time. Even if you won’t choose for them they might have a place on the party list. Will say if you vote for CDU you will get Merkel even if they just get 10 % because she probably
is first or among the first on the party list. So harming inept deledefs is a thing you can forget here in Germany.

You can try to vote for another party. But the only parties we have a social democratic to socialists. There’s not really any choice for non-left-minds.

So far so bad, but they have a big decades long problem. They do not have enough money, for all their undertakings and so they need the trust in states as debtors. And that is where we really can do something.
The simplest thing is not to by any bonds of any government any more. Is that a loss? No hardly, you can buy bonds of corporations. And this is what everyone should do. Buying real values via equities. (I suggest not buying equties of banks because the work with government to make the savers the idiots. So you can buy shares or bonds of everything in industry, farming etc.

This is what I’ve done some years ago: And because I’ve no bonds of any government I do not have any loses. So that’s seems to be a good deal. The other think I suggest do do is buying real values. Your money can be inflated, the real values only to small extends maybe even not at all.

You should also write to every congressmen that he/she should work on abolishing the central banks and go back to money as value not money as debt. They will not give in voluntarily but just keep the pressure up and one day they will have to agree. Sound money is the base for sound business and vs. you can not have a sound business without sound money.