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Very justified question

Well I wrote here over an over again it’s not the question if, but only when. Unsustainable system must crash, sooner or later. Nothing can prevent that. I’m still not sure if the break-down is just around the corner or what else may happen. But one can be sure: They are still printing money and this always ends bad.

Nothing to add here

1. You can not borrow your way out of debt.
2. You can not spend your way to prosperity.
3. This parts that is being sponsored by the FED will end badly ….very …. very … badly.

Thanks to zerohdege to put is that short.

I wrote here more then once about gold. You must keep in you mind.
One can print as much “money paper or woolcotton notes” as one which, but you can not get any gram on bread into existence without work. It’s a no brainer to add more notes but it’s impossible to inflate gold….

The new “Fed” chair leader

Has demasked herself in 1999 with:

“Fed Vice Chairman Yellen laid out what she called the “Yale macroeconomics paradigm” in a speech to a reunion of the economics department in April 1999.

“Will capitalist economies operate at full employment in the absence of routine intervention? Certainly not,” said Yellen, then chairman of President Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers. “Do policy makers have the knowledge and ability to improve macroeconomic outcomes rather than make matters worse? Yes,” although there is “uncertainty with which to contend.”

see Zerohedge.

Well so you can bet, she’ll print money till it works…. Will it? Ah yes it’s so much better with women because they are so much more capable, aren’t they?

Where have all the bloggers gone?

What’s going on. Where are the Mises Blogger? Since days there is not update from anyone but me?

Do you have find the hidden value from Atla Shrugged? If yes, please tell me. I’d like to emigrate also

There is s much new bad news our there, that it’s depressing. E.g our Bundespräsident thinks the ESM is a fine thing for more solidarity to Europe.
This sucks. The politicians “discuss” if it’s ok to pay day care of children at home.

There is voting time in Greece and France and it sees the left will win. Can you imagine those having started all this misery should have the means to get us out of this crapp

The ECB is considering a new round of money printing and it seems the Fed prepares something also.

So where are you?

Look who is printing now

Obviously the ECB could not stand the misery of the FED alone. This poor guy, just think printing money will solve the problem caused by too much money. (too much cheap money indeed). And so the ECB in it’s own mercy decided: “We print money also”, an offered a three year long tender at an interest near zero. The sum is now well above 1.2 trillion. Money not saved, just introduced by the supermen/superwomen of the central banks.

So the plan must be to ruin the currencies completely. The do not stop credit expansion but adding to it way to much. It should prolong the illness and or prepared for the total break-down. Why they do that? Well it’s the believe that you can generate money out of the blue and nobody should notice. Well you can see where it ends. We know have much higher market prices for nearly everything. Are the shareholders that much richer?
No they are not they just get more calculation units as before.

The reason of this money printing is most charming. Working against some credit crunch. Ah yes that’s our problem too less credit, or not? If a private company would make such manipulation, they would go out of business, but the beneficial (for Deledefs) central bankers, see themselves as the last frontier to barbarism. Central banks suck.