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von Mises run

well yes there are no good news. There are currently just bad and worse news.

Now it’s the spanish banks, another 100 billion. I wonder from where that money comes. And you know the answer. It comes from new debts and this debts
have to be beard by the tax payers. Oh yes they won’t honestly higher the tax immediately, but the invoice will come. And it’s always those who have and live within
their financial limits, which have to pay. I guess it will be as usually. The inflation will be driven up, the tax is driven up and those not paying taxes will not even recognize, that’s somebody get’s robbed.

The different loosers in the different countries are cheering another looser. Really they tell, what a good thing that Spain takes the EFSF money. Well you can see it’s not the idea of market which prevails. It’s from a to z socialism pure. And every socialist country get bankrupt within around a live span of a man.

And again the best safety net for the savers would have been sound money, and there you have it. The last we get is sound money. We’ll see more money printing, more card houses of debts. I know it’s stupid, people with at least a slight idea on economic thinking know it’s stupid and yet those who know will get overturned by the majority. And as we can see e.g in France the majority just is stupid as wood. I really wonder how the French think Hollande will pay for all “his” promises. They really must think the state is a money spender. And they simply do not get it that it’s robbery which keeps the states afloat. One should not wish bad for others, but I feel it is needed that they suffer under exact the conditions they seem to prefer.

And it’s now starting to get really worse. The banks are bankrupt and the states a bankrupt, and the stupid people still believe the state can steer anything. They are steered and it will show, and the more they deny the facts (money has to be earned) the more devastating the outcome.

Shame on you/shame on us

Well there’s the old saying “Trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice shame on me”.

I guess it sounds a bit different in the ears of deledefs. There slogan may be.
“rob you, shame on you”. I have written about the surely illegal actions for Greece and other failout-countries. Fact is the treaty from Lisbon forbids
bailing out, but the deledefs do not care.

Now Greece has even betrayed everyone and corruption is all around. So the money was sunk. I still is going on the billions for “saving” Greece are “gone”.
The debts still are there, now the raid starts again. This time the debtors should accept lesser debts. So fact is Greece has betrayed, the Greek have robbed every single EU citizen and now we should honor that “betrayal” with accepting lesser debts. So again wrong is right and right-doers are wrong and have to pay again. This is “justice” in EU sense.

As written, we rob yous still you are guilty to not support us”.

They know they are wrong-doing, but instead of doing the right things, they put more pressure on everyone and do everything they can do
higher the probability that the “nation” will stand up against them. They restrict freedom whereever they can an build higher and higher barriers to not get prosecuted…. That’s the “nations” pride!!!!

What kind of world will our kids see. A world in which betrayal is honored, right doing will get punished. A world where honest work is not honored, it only is a mass for the arbitrariness. Still they will not get any value out-of-nothing. There will not way of printing oneself out of misery. However those having still left some property will have to pay again and again and again…