You have been warned

Look for keep this in record in this Blog. I warned everyone who was willing to read. You even did not have to buy an expensive book to get that message. Just a computer somewhere internet access and some search for Obama.

You did not want to hear, now you suffer from you own decisions. That’s fair for those having voted for Obama. Well it’s hell on earth to everyone else.

Anyway you still do not give up on your “politicians”, you still vote for them over and over again in the end you do legitimate everything which is now done in whatevers name. Be it fight against poverty, terrorism or whatever. It always comes down to one simple thing: “Less freedeom every hour of the day”. And you like it that way. You still allow the NSA around I’ve not heard from any complaint at the supreme court. You do still let your solidery wander around and kill be it on site or even worse from the distance.

Stop your politicians and get back your freedeom. Drop the stupid FED and their “funny” money and go back to the time where having debts was a shame. If you do not do so, you deserve every hardship that comes along.

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