It’s good that a few things exist

I count among them the Wikileaks. Not that I’ve used it intensivly, especially not about the war in Afghanistan. But it’s because journalism seems to
just write as the politicians do. I commented on one extreme example in my other blog (in German). But having wikileaks just shows how we get
lied to every day. All the big words about freedom and “serving” the population. It’s from nearly everyone just “hot air”. Just see the Obama speaks. And then see what
comes out of it in the end. People having lived in peace have to go to war,soldiers are sent out of their countries for what? The name it fighting for your freedom.
Reallly I’d like to know what the people of Afghanistan have done to threaten your freedom over there in the US or here in the EU. Just because a few fanatics are coming from there. Well how about the diverse criminals sitting in our jails? Strange enough one might ask, how comes that in comparison the US has the most criminals. Maybe the proper
place for fighting for your rights is there where you live?

I just want to remind you. Obama has limited your freedom by saying yes to the (b)failouts. Obamacare will get a synonym for constitutional inefficiency. But well he’ll live on a good pension and wil earn a few thousand dollars for speaking on big or not to big events. Anyway Wikileaks probably will point out where he has lied and betrayed you.

Hopefully this will make a difference….

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