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Just give it a name

the disaster can be subsumed under one small sentence.

The problems are there because of the monopolies of states. In this case the monopoly of currencies.

The FED , ECB etc, do just get their position because the state sanctioned it. It’s very easy. Just the Dollar or Euro are the lawfu payment items.
And so there is not market just the big wanter “state”.

The also do nothing against the defraud that banks do lend demand deposits. And so you just whisper bank-run and they get near a heart stroke. This system
is perverted. It does safe defrauders and punishes honest men. And that is called “fair”. It’s obviously just “fair” for those being favored by states. And the state
does do everything to get more and more supporters with bribe.

Give us our money back and we’ll recover. Do more of you interventions and we crash and “recover” therefafter. The first would be the right way but the
Deledefs of alll states, parties will not go that way, it does not suite there “idea” of “fairness”. They are suckers and hell I will name them as such.

They simply do not get it.

The big troubles with our current “Politicians “is that they feel, that just given enough political influence all things will turn out good. This is a big mistake. The most urgent problem is to
give people confidence that they itself can manage their future. Currently they messages are only, if you trust us we’ll help you. Instead of. “Dear people, we’re sorry but some of you have messed up miserably. We see the problems but will refrain from anything about it, and we are sorry that we inflicted political guide lines on you which have turned out to be unsustainable.. We see our errors and will correct them, and stop putting “political correct” laws an you. We just will start looking for one but one thing. Stable money…..

This would be honest and “helpful”. But what they do is just saying. “Well we messed up and put you in misery, so give us more power to help you out this misery. surrender to us, we know what we’re doing”…..

Feel the difference. The base for the GFC is not too less political “messing-around”