Wen interessiert schon Evidenz?

Unsere Bundeswehr ist nicht mal mehr eine Lachnummer:

Mehr Frauen können da auch nichts mehr versauen, und mehr verteidigen können, kann man auch vergessen:

I know who the fuck cares about an army unable to fight, at least in Max Müller

“In view of the anatomical, physiological and ergonomic differences between the sexes, gender is the single most important factor16”

So much about gender does not matter. It matters and woman as simply not as strong as man on average and so also not in the military. So it makes total send for our politicians to want more women in the forces, because well wishfull-thinking is the most imporatant thing those politicians should/do have.

evidence and even more evidence:

A good reason to go down with the requirements. So yes every woman over all makes the armes forces weaker, but don’t care, who the hell needs a fight-able military?

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