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If I could give you but one suggestion

on how to escape the greedy hands of states. It would be:

Don’t buy any bonds of states.

This is what you can decide, an no state can force you to do it. If you think the bonds of states are safe. You really do not have lived and read anything the last
4 years. Then I just can tell you, go ahead, buy your “safe” state Bonds.

Anyway if you have seen the actions of the last few years, you have no choice. Any bond you buy is a contract which harms our neigbbor and not the state. You can beleive me there
can be not better thing to do than harm states. They will send you to war with a smile. They will name you “hero” if you are killed. Words are cheap in this regard.

So first guideline for investing. Don’t believe states, and don’t give them your money voluntarily.

where’s the trust?

To the actions of politicians. (well deledefs). It sems to vanish like snow in the sun. Just imagine the last few weeks. The trouble started with Greece beeing suspected not beeing able to pay
for their debts any longer. Well so far so “bad”, but than the deledefs really started going wild. At first they “were thinking abou 22 Billion Euros, a bit later short over Billion Mrd or so and not even
a week later 750 billion. Just to remind you. The total debt of the EU countries is 8.7 trillion. And there the so called “shadow budgets”, which well at least we Germans have and I bet the French to not fare

Somwhere somone has written a 1000 points plumb of the Dow “destroys” one trillion of “wealtch”. Well that’s just 10 % of the dow jone indes. So to pay all the debts of the EU is comparable to “Dow ” to loose
8700 points or 80-90 %. Imagine that a dow at 0 ist not low enough for paying all the debts of the US. Now how can anyone with a little knowledge about figures, go on and pile up even higher debts? This is so ridicolous.

So to my question above. The trust is gone and rightly so. We normal people will not be able to breath or to raise children with such criminals. The laws “save” the sorry bastards, having to pay for their crimes. Every law which was established to save us from the greed ot the inproductive elements, are getting abolished more and more. Contracts are broken, and the only think we here. “there is no alternative”. There is no reason left to trust any current leading politician. You can neither trust any of our ministers, any of the french ministers you can not trust Obama administration in any way. Let’s hope for America that the Tea-party will be a succes. Let’s hope for Europe to get our states back from the polticians or bureaucrats. The best way to end this misery is, let’s get back money with value. I suggest puttin all politicians into one playe, where the have to grow their own food. Make very good fences around them and let’s go on without them.

Help end the central banks, fight for your rights, don’t hesitate to harm the current governements wherever and in whatever way you can….. Support only those which show respect of your and your property. Say no to black-mailing, avoid paying taxes as much as you legally can. Write to ever politician and claim your base human rights. If they vote against you over and over again, let them fall.

Don’t trust the Politicians and Administrations any longer, they have not deserved it in any way any longer…..