Schlagwort-Archive: the biggest sham ever

If I could give you but one suggestion

on how to escape the greedy hands of states. It would be:

Don’t buy any bonds of states.

This is what you can decide, an no state can force you to do it. If you think the bonds of states are safe. You really do not have lived and read anything the last
4 years. Then I just can tell you, go ahead, buy your “safe” state Bonds.

Anyway if you have seen the actions of the last few years, you have no choice. Any bond you buy is a contract which harms our neigbbor and not the state. You can beleive me there
can be not better thing to do than harm states. They will send you to war with a smile. They will name you “hero” if you are killed. Words are cheap in this regard.

So first guideline for investing. Don’t believe states, and don’t give them your money voluntarily.

This should not be burried

in the comments of Mises. It’s to interesting and revealing.

Here it is:

One can say after the second world war inflation is the established money policy. And that means always those who saved have been punished. Think about lending your money next time…

Now we are starting talking about money.

Now imagine in the EU. the safety chute chould be around 500 Mrd EUR . Now we hear from the IWF (with Mr Lagarde (France) at the top. And the French bank in peril. That
the EU zone has to prepare a giant bailout for banks for just around 2 000 000 000 000 EUR.

Impressive, isn’t it? Really. Italy alone has 1 800 000 000 000 € debts. So are we preparing to bail-out Italy. Now why stop there? France debts are somwhere near that I guess and Germany has well traveled beyond 2 000 000 000 000. Now would it be possible to give me a break from this stupidity?

For all those still believing “we can manage” let me encourage you just a tiny bit: “Game over”.

I was preparing to leave Germany last year, my wife disagreed. Now we are caught in this big trap. I’m afraid my entry about new lows will be the understatement of the decade. Well let’s see how far my Puts will tear me. And how long money will be the means to buy anything. Funny colored paper. Who could imagine it’s impact.