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Da passiert wenn man sich in die Hände von Politkern begibt

Ein “eindrucksvolles” Beispiel
Wer mit Politikefreiern anbandelt…..

Darum der “weise” Rat. Lasst die Finger von Staatsgeld und schaut zu, sowenig wie möglich an die Politik abzutreten. Und fordert Freiheit von staatlicher Bevormundung….

Ansonsten seit Ihr bald nur noch “Bürokraten”…

Written 60 years ago

From Human Action, Vol II p. 448
Governement interference with the present state of banking affairs could be justified if its aim were to liquidate the unsatisfactory conditions by preventing or at least seiously restricting any further credit expansion. In fact, the chief objective of present-day governmment is to intensify further credit expansion.

Now tell about timelessness….

Has anything changed? Well does not look like it aren’t Geitner etc getting mad about “non flowing credits” guess why…. They do not wan’t to be bothered with money which does not deevaluate every year. They want mor and easier credit, surely not last for themselves. They want to destroy every other economic beeing an establish themselves as “allmighty”. Well the market will show how helpless they really will be.

Wenn zwei dasgleiche bekommen

werden Sie noch lange nicht gleich behandelt.
Man erkläre mir: Wieso wird der GM Chef “zurückgetreten” aber weder jemand von der AIG, noch von der Citibank oder irgendeiner anderen Bank?

Also diejenigen die den Schlamassel wirklich verursacht haben “bleiben” aber ein andere der im Prinzip so schlecht nicht war muß gehen?

Sieht mir genau nachdem aus, was ich von Staatsorganen erwarte. Willkür…..


This is a no go area:

I can understand they are angry about it, but it’s their own fault. They could have checked the contracts and they shouldn’t have spend a Pennny into AIG.

This contracts may feel wrong, but they are probably not seen in a legitamete way. It’s another question wheter the AIG people should have accepted in this situation but an extra law with
backdated just for this way is injustice. Anyway a part of that mail
‘“You will drive people away from being willing to do business with the government,” said Mr. Kramer, a prominent fund-raiser for Mr. Obama.’

Can’t see what would be bad about that. Less business for the governement is good not bad.

I would not have accepted the payments if I’d work for AIG but now I’d take it and go to court.
After that court would marks this law unlawful, I’d give back the money. Now I hope at least one at AIG does it that way….