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Control? What control?

Ah well now it seems to get catastrophic.

The Greeks vote again. And Europe may come to an end. At least the Euro Europe. In Germany the system press, paints a picture black in black. According to the comments
the Euro is a showpiece of a project that brough us Peace, Wealth, Rightness. Sorry I’ve to stand up and run to the toilett.

Here I am back. The Euro was not wanted from most of the Germans, it was warned to introduce a common money without a common social and economic base. The idea obviously was
with the money comes “sanity”. Well that so stupid that it hurts

Hardly never in history sanity was really high on the list. Just see the wars, just see the biggest crime the introduction of central banks and fiat-money. The wars since 100 years could not have been fought with “sound” money. But with Fiat-money printing is not even to be mentioned. Just print and fine you are. Well now the wars are the biggest destroyers of wealth. but I guess they will go on telling us it’s for a higher good.

Never before in peace times, the debts were that sky high. And this what we get from welfare states. It’s an Oxymoron, the only things states can do is destroying. They can not build they just bring misery over anyone living in them. The states start small and protection of the individual is first high on the list. but now see what our states are, defrauding systems. And the destroyers of civil rights try to get rid of as much responsibility as they can. I’m not sorry, you politicians simply and plain suck.

And now they are starting to sucking us out really. And down we go the path of poverty. …

A new and a secret round of expropriation

One just can say the break-down runs in direct confirmation of Mises predictions but also “Atlas shrugged”.

People start to sell off bonds from nearly any EU country. Believe it or not Germany is not among them. Quite the opposite, the spreads from every other EU country to Germany
are raising and Germany gets the money for free. Indeed they had to offer 0.8 % !!! for 6 months running bonds (AFAIK) and we have an inflation rate near 3%. Well so much to money and interest.
Just remember also the ECB has lowered the Discount rate to 1.25 %. So in fact this is artificially low. And it fits the last moves of a Fiat-Money system. So Germany does not have a problem refinancing itself with bonds.
But it gets more expensive for the other on a daily base. Monti or not Italy is “finished”. But now the EU bureaucrats are again entering the scene. Baroso warns of a systemic crisis (he is right on that) and he wants no actions and now the madness shines. A new round of credit and leverage of EFSF should do the work. JFYI the EFSF has to offer much more interest then Germany alone, but the credibility of Italy, France, Belgium etc is (not free but) falling. So there are two options I think the deledefs will take. At first the will put more pressure on the ECB to buy even more bonds (this would be another new round of expropriation). The other thing will be that they introduce a tax names something like “stabilization of the euro fond” or the like. Taxes are not a gift they are robbery and so you can see in both paths a new round of expropriation starts.

But there is another “secret” round, with no democratic control and even worse. The ECB has bought bonds from Greece, is now buying bonds from Greece and Italy. (it’s not known to me yet if France bonds are bought also) but the ECB has to be financed from every Euro country. And well Germany bears 27% or so of the “financial needs” and well the bonds will get worthless sooner or later. I guess sooner is not a bad guess these days. Why is this even worse than EFSF, well the ECB works without any control. An extension to the EFSF is not very likely any more. But the obligations from the ECB must be beard. This means whatever the ECB does everyone has to pay for it (dearly) . So the way seems very clear to me. The pressure on the ECB will raise they will claims kind of emergency laws. And down we go.

I just invite you to check this blog for the past years and you’ll see how I warned about it over and over again. Just see on my outside Mises blog I wrote (more than 2 years ago
You can check the Mises blog and see they warned and warned and warned. But the delebets do not give in the name expresses what they are.

This time is NOT different

Do yourself a favour and buy or try to get your hand on “This time is different”. It is as if this book was written for this crime we currently have to watch.

If you just believe a second what the supposed-to-be-experts write. Just forget it, especially forget nearly everything Krugman writes. No too much debt is
always the beginning of the end. And this was trues always and can not be changed. You just can live beyond your means as long as people trust that
you’ll be able to pay back.

This trust has to be earned. But if you always act against horse sense, you’ll see one day you won’t get any credit any longer. Now it seems that too many countries faces this fate.
Greece does not get any more money, and Italy is starting to get no more money. And the US can’t do anythign any longer because of 15 trillions of debt.

You may remember: It’s so foreseeable

Foreseeable wrong. Nothing has changed since ages the rulers enslave their underlings. Today they name it democracy, but democracy is just another kind of dictatorship. The majority rules the minorities. And guess what the vermin are the majority. You can name, them bureaucrats are the most harmful, but then you will also read from the poor blind which can not do this or that or whatever. It’s always that it’s not ones own fault, no the culprits are always the circumstances or the others.

In every speech these days you will hear things like responsibility, helping, solidarity, and not to forget justice. Well the justice of spongers…..

The real justice markets are not even considered any more. All the laws and every action is against markets. Free trade? Come one you must be joking. See the treaties of trade of the US. The bureaucrats, decide whom can do what trade with whom else. And you have to ask the spongers, and if they do not want. Well bad for you….


What a bastard. Oh, yes let’s start again to cry: “Heil”.

It’s wrong on every level. It’s wrong on the economic level. Money printing can not heal a problem caused by too much money printing. And on the moral level it means, it does not matter what a country thinks is best for itself but what is “ideal” for the old masters of the world US and the coming new master China.

It’s wrong on the level of any freedom it’s a fascists dream. Crushing the “Untermensch”.


Saving the delebets way does not mean cut one’s expenses but highering ones income. Now this time it Italy.
A higher tax for the rich, a higher tax on capital gains etc, but not mentioning cutting down the expenses FIRST.
I guess that’s what GDP related debt mens. All you property belong to use. We just decide when and where we take it.

Another astonishing development. Forbidding free trade, you think that some stock are to high and do start selling them, empty. It’s now forbidden in three or so countries here in EUR land. France, Italy, Spain. Remarkable? Not really that are those which most distruste. As I’ve seen yesterday even buying Puts short should be forbidden. That means you can not express your opinion that markets are too high. And that will surely help. It will make everyone feel much better. Or not?

It fits very nicely to my predictions that the worse the state of affairs get, the more the delebets will try to “steer” control. The delebets do know they are wrong-doers but they would never admit it. So they are looking for scape-goats and there they are speculants…..

So one can see the usual lies are not langer sufficient, now they introduce some newer ones. BPOHs

Not very encouraging

Bloom of Doom V: “We have control of the ship, we have a plan”


Or maybe not? Is doomsday not that far away, the day the slavery through governement will end (for our “politicians”)?

I guess the answer will be we’ll see utterly nonsensical laws. I bet we’ll see the “dogs-not-eating-dog” agreements, maybe

a “fair-game” economy or something along that lines. And I could imagine the only thing we’ll here from our politicians:

“give us more money, and abondon all our rights”, “taxes are good the more we get from you the better it will be for all”