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One can be assured

I’m not a fan of central banks:

So there’s not faith I can loose. Central banks are liars and are organising theft and they do finance governments. And that’s all they do and can !

So you pay what you get for. “Your” money does not exist, it’s legal tender money of the central banks and you just can get out of it while not keeping much in legal tender money.

And becauss of the policies they try to even prohibit paper money and of course they do anything much to keep the people out of gold etc.

They are liars and thieves, as long as you do not forget that – you’re finer (one can never be “fine” with central banks.

Reputation of the Fed

Well I just can conclude it sinks faster than ever for me.

Now they want to stick to their program of printing money. And well if you have savings you got robbed day by day, monthy by month year by year. The inflation raises (just remember: And more an more of them are getting real

We’re not yet in the common over 4% inflation rate, but just in a few areas. The politicians start blaming whomever for “unfairness”. Especially unfair are those more successfull ones. Subsedies are paid
but do not yield the proper cash-flow. And the large corporations do whatever they can to not pay taxes (I wished everyone could afford the tax specialists of this corporations). And so the government does not get any earnings and starts printing money. With the “circle of “money””. The government issues bonds, the feds buys this bonds and the new money is spend in anything having some worse. Inflation raises and so on.

I doubt that ever in history a failure of a world champion has happened in such short time. In just 3 years the USA turns from a free system in a government controlled nightmare. They overextend their means and are now paying dearly, but currently the deledefs lovers “gain”. And I’d not be suprised to see more of them buying land. I bet they are preparing for the after-crash. And then they will claim themselves to be the “true” americans. The question is are thieves the “true” americans or aren’t they?

Maybe not all is lost at least some states remember what value means. And maybe this will save them. We just have to wait and see what the bureaucrats in washington and everywhere will do….