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Soldiers worldwide

say no. Say no to the war drums of your politicians. Disobey and put the politicians and bureaucrats, that want to burn you in the coming wars, into jail. Espeicially US-Soldiers do not follow Uncle Sam anywhere else but into the USA.

Go out of this countries and fight against the ever growing corruption in your own country. If you serve the populations, that is your duty. If you follow you current leaders you are not more then murders or handymen of death.

You are not fighting for your population in the near east you are nothing but state paid killers down there. Was that what you wanted to choose?

Stats lie

Qu’ell surpise. (what a surprise)

The only thing what I found astonishing about it:. How well people can pretend, that states are a good thing. It’s like saying having the choice between dieying in a horrible painful way a) is better then dying a horrible painful way b). Don’t you think that’s strange also?

Written around 4 years ago:

it has stand the proof of time:
“There is no disagreement that we
need action by our government,
a recovery plan that will help to
jumpstart the economy.”

I and many others oppose that, I just suggest reading a few of the comments on

So you are not jut spreading FUD, you simply do lie.”

That’s the way it is. Dear Mr President is still a liar, and has even gone wild, while abolishing civil rights.
He claims for the executive the right to kill whomever they like, whenever they like. He’s on of the worst presients of the USA up till now.

There’s not much to add


But does that really is the most urgent problem? Terrorism? Or isn’t it the ruthless money printing of the Fed?

Does the death of Osama means that the soldiers are called back or won’t the war just go on? Really how much threat can be put on a “normal american citizen”? How likley is it to die in an
terrorists attack and how likley to die just be “normal criminals”. The above mentioned link gets it right (IMHO) the fear will be raise, and well how could anyone think that fanatics will be stopped by the killing of one of their idols.

There are much more thing to fear, among is the bankrupt of such country as the US. So is there any reason to celebrate? I can not see it, another men was killed and tens of thousands will “follow”….

And here we go again

Not it’s Ireland. Who’s next?

The Fiat-money system strikes back again. So let’s burn some more money. It must help, someday if it does not yet, than the conclusion just can be: “We have not burned enough money”. Well first they burn books, then money, then people….

We just can hope that we burn the right people this time. If not well we have not tried hard enough let’s burn some more people. So let’s to got war….

After there are quite many killed, well maybe peace is not such a bad idea. Unfortunatly we have nothing to bear the costs of the bureaucrats. So let’s see who has survived and something of value left. Let’s them bleed through taxes, let’s give them some other colorful paper, and place the rest of armed forces in front of their houses to assure that governement will work. Then let’s take a few credits, let’s start burning money again….


I’ve written about it before. And the same holds this time. I have not really checked the published items. But if just 1/10 of it is true than we are talking about more than 10000 murdered people. This just shows it very clearly what armed forces are all about. The reactions of the politicians are clear. They don’t deny any facts but say every other life of an American soldier or whomever it as stake. As if the life of a soldier from the US would have a higher worth than anyone else. I have written more than once on how armoured forces are behind everything from the governement and this one of the most shabby examples. Agreed it’s war, but this war was put on Iraque by the US. They have send down their soldiers because of the most obscure reasons. How would you feel first be opressed by the armed forces of a dicatator and jus a few years later by the forces of a “democratic” choosen parliament. What’s the difference, can anyone feel better to see at the point of a gun of a criminal or a “soldier”? Do you feel better that your house is burned than you’d feel if your house is bombed? I’m very shocked and you can bet if I’m glad that this crimes couuld not be kept under the karpet. It does not help any poor soul suffering under this kind of “violence”, but maybe it will open up the eyes of a quite a few others what governement really is.