Surly political incorrect

as you should be used to read it here:

Yes, marriage has it’s price and it has directly financial implications. You better assume that in advance before getting into it. The statistics also holds for men of course. If you marry someone who is dishonest and unjust, why would you expect that changes while being married?  And no I don’t feel that tattoos are sexy. It’s kind of really a warning signal for me. But also drug abuse, debts for private things, and of course if you marry something left, you are an idiot or maybe you are a left id.. also.

There is no good excuse for being a socialist. The record of the socialists in regard to killing are unprecedented and higher as all the other political possibilities together.  Second to that comes something about religions …

So my  red lights are:
1) socialists mindset
2) debts (private ones, that includes sorry education)
3) not sceptical about politics (that just shows, one has not read about history, and surly not about sound economics)


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