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Definitiv zu nah

Es ist unglaublich, der Doktor Guttenplag verschwindet zu Mitte des Jahres. Am Ende des Jahres ist er schon wieder da und man höre uns staune, die CSU wünscht den Plagiator zurück. Schließlich ist er ja ein herausragender Politiker. Vor kurzem sagte ich noch meiner Mutter: Nu’ war er gerade in den USA und nun ist er schon wieder in Europa und nun soll er sogar wieder in Deutschland ankommen. Das ist mir definitiv viel zu nah.

This should not be burried

in the comments of Mises. It’s to interesting and revealing.

Here it is:

One can say after the second world war inflation is the established money policy. And that means always those who saved have been punished. Think about lending your money next time…

Etablierung der Inflation

Heute beim stöbern auf Mises gefunden:

Nach 1970 gibt es nur noch Inflation. Vorher ging es munter rauf und runter. Umverteilung von unten nach oben bei der Arbeit. Alles sanktioniert vom Geldmonopol und Gewaltmonopol des Staates.

Lehren? Keine. Es ist wohl offensichtlich besser die Gläubiger besser zu stellen. Was einen irgendwie nicht verwundern kann denn es heißt ja inzwischen und unseren tägliche Kredit gib uns heute….

Now I understand what Obama meant

in his past tries to win this election (which unfortunately he did win)

His motto was: “Yes we can”

I was always puzzling, “what the hell does he mean with “we caan” “. And now I know. He just mises a few little words.
Yes we can, make more debts”.

And they do, they make more debts as if there won’t be a tomorrow. And well if they proceed, there surely will be no tomorrow for them quite soon.

Because I see loosing them (the deledefs) as an advantage. I just can ask the member of the parliaments kindly. “Would you mind to give Obama another few trillions please”.
The next vote is just a little over a year. So maybe Obama can ruin the US till then. After that the people may consider what has made the US the economic giant,

If they figure that out, they may vote for a better president… It would serve us all.

It seems more and more are convinced

That trusting the state with our money was/is one of the worst ideas. Well of course the deledefs will never admit that.

But if this system will break down, there may be a time at which we’ll get a chance. But till then you can help us ending the central banks especially
in one way. Do not give any credit to any state any more. They can tax you, that’s an unfortunate truth, but they can not force you to buy any bonds. At least not world wide and not forever.

Our money of independence is gold. So you better do trust in gold. You an see the deledefs of all countries do not fear anything more but independent people. You can buy independence with using fiat-money as less as possible and while paying as much as you can in cash. States like Italy which are broke forbid, cash payments. They say it’s because of fighting the organized criminality. That’s their argument, but you do not have to believe it. Do you really believe the criminals start paying using bank accounts?

So I invite you: “Join us”. Let’s end the central banks before the central banks finish us….

It’s happening under our all eyes

The ECB is now officially financing insolvent states.

Despite the laws for the ECB. How is that done?

Very easy the ECB does not buy bonds directly of states but in a perfidiously way. As you have read yesterday the ECB lends out money to banks with 1 % interest for 3 !!! years.
Now this money is just given with “securities”. The securites of the banks are?

Promises of the states to back up the papers deposited by the ECB. Especially Italy has done that. And so you see it insolvent states back up securities for insolvent banks and insolvent
banks are using bonds of insolvent states as securities.

Now tell me anything about a sham…