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Another blog

Well I have no idea on how to blend into this blog contents of another one.
Maybe there is some way but if not, feel free to visit me at Mises

It goes without saying that I recommend, reading the whole Mises blog and
the “sub-blogs”. It would be especially advisable to do-gooders, and or our current political leader.

Howerver I’m sure they’ll avoid it like the plague.

Sometimes you find interesting blogs

Here’s one extra, not escpecially political but just read the entries:


It can be no suprise to anyone. Where customer demands can meet  suplliers offerings without artificial craddles, things

can grow and flourish, if you hinder free trade, prices can not go down. One side always limts the possiblitiy of “lowering”.

Just see the prices for work, they can not fall below some level. Just see the prices in Germany for Fuel. They have to bear

> 80 % taxes, so prices are extra-ordinarily high, the same is true in France. Just guess where people near the border to Switzerland do

fill up their cars….

Where prices are artificially kept high, there will be some way to get around them.



No suprises

Obama said “everything is fine, just all is running a bit slow!”, no suprise, It’s also no suprise that he likes to go on as in the past, no suprise. His “Playground-friend” Bernanke, stays, no suprise, the interests rate are as low as never, no suprise, good-dooers are gain after our pockets, no suprise…

So be assured, everything is fine, no suprise…..

There are things that irrational I can not even get on it in my wildest dreams

If the stuff here is true:

Than I just can not believe in health sanity of authorities any more. I have my troubles with them but I assume at least some level of rationality. So much about “belief” contra science.

Fortunatly you can try to deny science for a few hundred years but you can not stop it. That’s the only consoling on has.

I thought we left the time of the burning of witches. Will it come back, will it be life threatening to not think as one is supposed to think from do-gooder?

This is depressing. Now that sciences start fighting back against the climate apologists, the leave the ground of rationality and put in place attitude (Gesinnung)



This is kind of funny

if course it depends on what you understand unde “humour”

Obama has said:

“Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I
believe will open the floodgates for special interests – including
foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections.”


Well how crude, now not only US coroporations are  allowed to buy votes, just imagine, others now have the same rights. May be a bit tough for someone having burned around 400 000 000 Dollar on his campaign. See


climate change?

Some interesting news from the climate MCKarthism front:…/kein-ahnung-uber-die-glaubwurdkgkeit.html

Attention it’s in german. I mentioned the problems a few times on my other blog. My questions still persist:

– what influence is given the sun in the “warming models”

– what is the data base?

It seems the sun is not “that important” but this just can be named
“stupid”. And the Data seem to be at least doubtful. Someone else also
has pinpointed a few problems:…/honesty.html

Just read a few extra entries and you got quite a bit food for thought.

Einer meiner besseren Artikel

Im Zusammenhang mit

hab ich mal ein bisschen hier gekramt und auf folgendes gestossen.

Das ist gerade mal ca 1,5 Jahr her…..

Also wenn es in dem Tempo weitergeht darf man in 1,5 Jahren mit “weiteren tiefreichenden Erkenntnissen rechnen”…. ;-(.

Here something again about the

innocent environment activists.

Well, I wrote. Let’s hope Kopenhagen will “not be a success” at least in the eyes of the saviours of the worl. I was lucky this time. Now let’s wait and see when the climate changes “again”. Maybe it’s time for another colling round? Ah of course this is not possible, how can one dare to question the
models for a warming climate.