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What are the signs

that we nearing us an end of a bubble/burst cycle?

I wished I knew. So I just can speculate. At first it seems the debts were piled up higher than ever before in “peaceful” history. Peaceful in the sense that there is no war in Europe. But maybe I’m just too optimistic about the war stuff, maybe one has to admit it’s war between the deledefs and us. But well we currently do not shoot one another (but don’t ask me how long that will last).

There a a few other signes that maybe this time the end of this cycle is nearing. Gold still raises, slow but steady. And the worst fiat-currencies (EUR and US) are declining as well. I know there is not “real” alternative country on this earth, basing their economy on values, but well there are worse and a little better than worse fiat-money currencies. However we also see raising prices of commodities. The raises are not that striking in the “non-core” inflation area. But non-core inflation is kind of “a little bit pregnant”. It’s something that simply “does” not exist. We see devaluation races while the central bank go wild printing money. And so yes I think the prices show this devaluation.

Interesting also that the politicians are just cycling around each other and try hard to avoid any acknowledge of their population. You can see this in the last G8 meeting, which one just can describe with one word: spooky. They just were placed behind fences and the executive was closing down everything else. There you could see that they are not hampered by any sort of reality. It really was one of the days, one could see how they are not “working” for the public. At least not what I understand under public.

We’ve seen remarkable actions of men in north africa. They did not have learned much from our faults, but they managed to drive away their current deledefs which is a good thing. But I’m afraid they will follow the next duper, to some stupid thing. I hope I will be 100% wrong on this, but I do not see that politicians currently “leading” have done that much good. But may be “this time is different?” I can’t tell.

The actions of the federal banks seem to be desperation in disguise. They tell us “Everythign is under control” but I would not believe that for a second. So currently they try to prolong the suffering, but in the end we know “we are all dead” and Fiat money will die if not these days or months than someday in the future. You can not have “money” as debt. It’s one of the biggest chams ever in history. We are trying to sneak our way to wealth. That does not work. And devaluation of currencies is the surest way into doom. There is not exception to this rule. The “ruling” people, start issuing less valuable money and use their guns to “convince” us to take the more bad money on face to “better” alternatives. And I’m afraid there is never a “this time is different” in this area. The currently leading people do want to “lead” in the future too and so they do everything they possibly can to keep “their” system running. And so we never ever will see that they try not to fight what they probably will call “the market”. They will always attack those pointing out their lies….

And I ask you frankly. How can one believe that devils would to anything not to tantalize their “underlings”?


Treffen? scheinen mir ziemlich überflüsssig. Man konnte auch  “bewundern”  wie sich die “Mächtigen” abschotten und “Volksvertreter” die kein Volk mehr “haben” wollen. Sondern nur noch Vertreter sind. Vertreter der eigenen Eitelkeiten und Befindlichkeiten. Der “nach mir die Sintflut” Einstellung und die in Palästen neue Attacken auf die Völker planen.

Die Tests in Auftrage geben sollen die stressen sollten. Aber wo das Ergebnis vorher schon feststeht, der Stress ist also Stresstests so  hinzubiegen, das das gewünschte Ergebenis herauskommt aber auch “Opium” für das “Volk”.
AKW werden bleiben, der Müll auch.

Interessant auch wie Abweichler behandelt werden.  Nämlich als Parias. Das nennt sich als “Demokratie”? Warum dann nicht ehrlich sein und die Wahlen ganz sein lassen?  Wir sparten uns viele Milliarden die sich unsere Delebets einstecken könnte, und das es ja heißt maximale Schäden für die Völker, wäre das doch ein logischer Schritte. Also weg mit Wahlen, Demokratie uns Abstimmungen wo noch ein “Volk” etwas sagen soll. Gesetze sind doch eh Verhandlungssache und man ist ja schon rechtstaatlilch wenn man nur gerade Presse zulässt. In Deutschland mit einigen Abstrichen aber was macht schon ein bisschen Gängelei mehr oder weniger?
Es klappt doch für Europa auch wunderbar. Gesetze auf die Normale gar   nicht kämen für Probleme die wir normale nicht hätten, wenn wir eben die Politiker und Ihre Gesetze nicht hätten. Denn es sind Ihre Gesetze, nämlich Handlungsvorschriften für die Beherrschten mit der Ausnahme, daß Sie für Politiker  nicht gelten, Also wofür noch wählen?

Let’s have a look at laws

I’m currently reading Bastiat the whole collection. I ordered it from Mises and it was again some eye-opener I got from them. To be honest I did not not of the austrian schoole since maybe 3 or so years ago.
Despite the fact that I studied at least some of the political economics. However Mises and von Hayek were not even mentioned. We we’re fed with some kind of Models and I remember as if it has been yesterday liquidity traps.
So I guess we were taught “voodo” economics.

Strange enough I always felt even to that time that something was deeply wrong. And the more I read from liberals and libertarians the more of my let’s call it “feelings” get underpinned with well let’s name it facts. Another thing I remember was my education for getting a farmer. In Germany this is a profession you have to learn (it took around 2-3 years). That has been in the 80ies of the last century. Yes indeed I’m currently in the, I think one can name it “middle” ages”. My father was and ever have been and ever will be farmer by heart. It was his life. And I guess if there’s a heaven my father will be farmer there too ;-). In my second and last year of this education, I worked on a farm for pig breeding.

I think this farm was near “under-water” but that’s another thing. I did my high school degree and well it was “perfoliated”. But I think I was and am quite capable of calculating with interest and run of three, yes and I think the basic arithmetics are also known. I remember to that times I had a few discussions with my father. I’d come to the conclusion that the subsedies paid to farmers is simple wrong. And to that time I also cam to the conclusion that farming had a bad earning state. You need a lot of money for a farm and if you then just get that in return what I calculated roughly it was not a terrible good idea. But back to the subsedies. My father though that at least the subsedies for farming were adequate, because one “has ” to eat.

In that regard he is fully right and nobody can deny it but we lived in times were trading was not that much hampered and so I though well yes maybe farming is to expensive in Gemany (it deifinitly is, but I just learned later that it’s that expensive because of the “laws”, with which the governments make it that “expensive”. So I was thinking if the farmers cannot get around withourt subsedies. we probably should import it from other countries. A though it would be a win-win situation. The countries with better results in farming trade with us in Germany which probably are the among the best in engine building. And to that time I just started thinking, free trade is the “base” of all wealth.

Till a few years later father and I could not agree upon it. But then after 10 to 15 years one day we sat together and he just said: “I guess you were right”. Why did he was able to admit it: Well farming has but one trait, you are in the hands of nature. You can bee the best farmer in the world, if there is a year of drought or flooding you loose a years hard work. Nowhere else this is that that noticeable. But here one “natural law” comes into play. The law is: “Don’t take anything for granted, prepare yourself for years of misery”. So successful farming means saving enough that you can “survive” one or more bad years. I now it does not work forever, but base you farming on credit and you are bound to fail. I don’t know fi the prior mentioned farmer still is in business, if he won’t, I’d not be surprised, I’d be more surprised if the first dairy farm would not exist any longer. This was a cautious farmer, which “knew”, that one has to live withing one bounds.

So we have laws of nature, and nothing can prevent them for taking place. So the first rule (you can name it law) is, no the “facts”. And here’s the big fall of any government, even if they “knew” the facts they would and do try to fight them. This never can work. One “fact” is that one can not get rich by piling up debt, it’s absolutely impossible. You just can get rich by “saving”. That means using less than you have. Governments ignore this simply fact since ages. And now it seems “the law” strikes back.

How did they manage to exploits their populations for that long?. Well part of it is that the population bears the laws and “obeys” them because they think they are good, or if not good unavoidable. Another possibility is that government has bought this “agreement” there are a lot of ways of doing that. One of the most popular are subsidies for any kind of felt or adopted injustice. You know this kind of things. “We can not work that effective because this or that get unfair advantages from xxxxx ” fill in whatever you like.

And their are the unjust laws, which allow plundering. And as Bastiat has correctly written at least some, especially those one can name defrauders, do not like to work with their own hands. They like to exploit other people and take away something from them. This unfair people start working for governments. And suddenly they are not bound for unsolicited exchange. They just have to follow the rules, decided by the biggest plunderers. Oh yes they write nice things about freedom etc. but there will be one special law the laws for raising taxes and here we got.. Taxes means taking from someone at the point of a gun and not have to “give” anything back. However it’s the law. And this law is not “natural” it’s a law devised. To make this unjustice not felt that directly, one starts talking about schools not build, streets not build or whatver and that one “must” have this or that or whatever.

However Bastiat write the only thing he could though laws have to be. “Laws are justice”. Now it’s unjust that taxes take away but with some empty promise that those taking away surely will just use it for the best of “all”. But this is not the law Bastiat accepts. These “laws” just can be named phrases for debts and thieves.

So we can conclude many of the laws are not for saving ons property but to legalize theft. This theft however just can take place because the majority of people do not feel and see this as unjust. This laws feed one of the most primitive and ugliest things in men: Envy. It seems most of the people fell it is “just” to take away from the rich and the government workers are the “Robin Hoods” of the “man-on-the-street”. They are anything but right. Anyway many of the laws fill the “desire” of some kind of revenge. Bureaucrats are very innovative if it comes to plundering but not to be hold responsible for this plunder. Just see what happens with Tepco, BP etc. The state has limited the liabilites of this large corporations…. Shouldn’t that be something to be considered?

So the “laws” are perverted. They are not for saving one’s properties for unjust claims. But for founding claims on how to take it away from us. I just can see any avoidance of e.g. taxes as self defense. The problem is the delebets tighten their grip around your property, decade by decade, year by year, month by month, week by week, day by day…… We just can try to find the “natural” law and the natural low is that of unsolicited trade, and we all should work for it and one of the most important starting point is that we take away the monopoly of deciding what money is from the governments. If we abolish Fiat-money systems we’d have a big strike against the Deledefs. Sure they will fight us whenever they can. But you see it’s obvious that their ponzi-scheme comes to an end. They have not obeyed the first rule of economics. “Live within your bounds”. And this fault is getting more apparent day by day, failout package after failout package, new last vendors….

They will get broke by “the law” itself.

Die Griechen können einem in gewisser Weise leid tun

Nun man muß es  abschwächen die Regierung und die Parteien können  meinetwegen verschwinden. Aber wenn man  das hier liest:

Und bedenkt von wem diese Anforderungen kommen, nämlich von den größten Plündererns diesseits des Rheins, dann können  einem die Griechen leid tun. Sollen sie doch wie die Deutschen werden. Öko-diktatorisch-politisch-korrekt-sozieal-faschistisch und wahrscheinlich sollen Sie alle für die diversen Failout-Pakete der Politiker “zahlen”.

Nun da bleiben nur ein paar Fragen.  Sind wir allen nicht ein bisschen deutsch und griechisch 😉

Eine passende Antwort dazu:

Bald wird es nur noch Griechenländer geben, aber wir können uns trösten. Im Elend vereint und unter der tüchtigen Führerschaft von rot-grün-schwarz-gelben Gutmenschen. Herz, was begehrst Du mehr?

Let’s have another look at debts

There are quite a few sites which do care about the careless money printing of the FED and the lending of government.

Just a few actual links:
and even more frightening (at least to me):

I mentioned Obamas Obamacare which will drive piling new debts onto another level. IMHO the US are beyond the point of no return. They have lived on debt for too long and the longer it persists the harder the hangover.

However I simply have difficulties to believe the numbers from this link:
Robbery is a too weak word for that. Does anyone can support this figures?

However if you read Bastiat you’ll find an interesting chapter head-titled with “The Law”. And as I understand it we are talking not longer about laws to safe one’s property but the plunder version of it. And according to Bastiat it means every one is free to fight that. You can see how “nice” laws were crafted for those plundering. So you can not simply pay no taxes anymore. If you go to the supermarket you pay taxes at the point of the cashier. At least the VAT must be paid. If you do not pay your taxes you will get prosecuted, jailed and disowned. You see the inbalance. The state has all the weapons and enough plunderes helping him. The legislatives holds an executive and the executive must obey the laws of the legislative. And fair enough the executive is paid by the legislative and so in fact all policemen, or anyone else working for the government piles up another level of injustice. They never would see it that way because they are “obeying” the laws, and I’m in do doubt they do. But obeying laws of plunderers means, being a plunderes itself.

And unjust law is just that. And on of the most infamous plunderer laws is that government has the monopoly of issuing worthless paper money. And put force on every one to accept this as “money”. The debt is just another word for slavery. The own population has to work to buy the interest and principal and not one cent from it is beared by bureaucrats or the legistlative. Sure they pay the VAT they pay income tax. But this income tax does not come from serving any customer it just comes from “serving” the law.

And then you can see things like this:

Public Service Is a Noble Calling, Some Say

I’m sorry but everyone working for the government is not honorable, quite the opposite they all work on suppressing every men in a country.

Monopole und Ihre “Begründungen”.

Ist das nicht eine “feine”  Begründung: ” Eine Erhöhung wäre nach seiner Ansicht gerechtfertigt, zumal die Preise der Deutschen Post im europäischen Vergleich niedrig seien.”

Nun ja ich schrieb hier ja schon von Wettrennen in die Grube. Hier mal wieder ein klarer Beleg für “Schlimmer geht immer” und Staatsmonopole sind die “Immersten”.

Thanks but no to Mrs Lagarde

I’m against Mrs Lagard for the IMF. The IMF is just a from Politician controlled instrument, with no-failure-built-in. It’s not a market instrument, because otherwise hardly any political
pressure could be come from it. So short, it’s dictatorship pure.

Mrs Lagard has an open dispute about corruption and all in all France is the county for centralism.

The only “right” thing would be to abolish the IMF. This will not happen so we should at least get some democratic control about it.

If we have this IMF we should have president of a country which never has gone bankrupt. France was known to default every 50-100 years in the 17-19 th century.
I also am against any Chinese at the top (China is the last “big” dictatorship around with not acknowledgement for any human rights). The IMF president should come from a country with the lowes corruption rate, That is the only thing which “may” help anyone.

Here on Mises the guys have an idea on the problems with central banks
So the only “right” way is abolish the central banks, and introducing sound money. And then the debts avalanches will not be a problem. It’s just the constuction of Fiat money with last lenders all over the place. Responsibility is an emtpry phrase if it comes to deledefs and bureaucrats

Was gefällt mir an der Bremer Wahl

Es reicht eigentlich eine Zahl: FDP -53,333 % zur Letzten Wahl.  Endlich mal wieder ein Landtag in dem die FDP draußen ist. Aber das ist auch das einzig Positive an der Wahl. Es wird interessant den weiteren Weg Deutschlands in die Ökodiktatur anzuschauen. Geschichte wiederholt sich nicht? Nun das sehe ich etwas anders. Nach dem bösen Kapitalismus muß wieder ein “starker  Staat” her, geeint hinter einem Führer oder Führungsgedanken. Diesmal sind die Führer mal wieder Glücksversprecher. “Wenn wir nur alle auf den “grünen” Gedanken einschwären, kann es nur gut werden”.

Dieses “Versprechen” ist wie alle derartigen Versprechen eine hohle Phrase. Unsere System ist auf “freiwilligem” Austausch eingestellt, eine Idee die Ökodiktaturen sicher völlig abwegig vorkommt. Also werden wir Quoten für Anteil an Biobauern, Biofleisch, Biohühnern und “Bioland” bekommen. Da das mit Sicherheit die Preise ändern wird, wären soziale Preisgrenzen “denkbar” oder aber eine Auflage die Normallandwirte müssen den gleichen Preis wie Biobauern anbieten dürfen aber eben nur anteilsmässig produzieren. Oder andere Idotien. Der mündige Bürger wird nur solange als mündig angesehen, solange er der Ideologie nicht widerspricht.

Alle die anders werden leben wollen, werden stigmatisiert. Vielleicht eine Art Ökostern an jedem Haus? Wir wissen der Perversität von politischen Dogmen sind “keine” Grenzen gesetzt und sterben lassen oder aktiv dabei zu helfen, damit haben spezielle wir Deutschen mehr als genug Erfahrungen.

Mal sehen wann es die ersten Gesetzesänderungen für die politisch korrekten Gesinnung geben wird. Ich denke die nächsten Wahlen werden es “bringen”….

Und am Ende wird man feststellen, auch grüne Gesetze kann man nicht essen….

Could need helping hints

As you have seen in my previous entry, I can not see that a debt ratio of states can be related to GDP.. So I’m looking for a rough idea on how high the prroperty value of the diverse states may be. I know that not all of it is disponible but it’s still is something “owned” by the states. The GDP is not owned by anyone. It’s just a number of all the work done in a year.

We then see how high the debts are and what will happen if government will have to pay “normal” interest not this artificial low interest set by the Fed

So any hints are welcome. One I got was: debtclocl of the US….